Cloud App Security

With the increase of migration to cloud like Office 365 Software as a Service to reduce cost of local data center and increase efficiency and productivity but this rise some challenges like security topics.

Microsoft has resolved that to for you by providing Cloud App Security Portal 

With Cloud App security:

1- You can discover the apps that are connected to your Office 365 Tenant by using your traffic logs to dynamically discover and analyze the cloud apps that your organization is using.

2- You can use Policies to define user behavior, risks and violation like accessing you tenant from suspicious IP or from other country than the employee is located.

3- App Connectors: App connectors use APIs from cloud app providers to integrate the Cloud App Security cloud with other cloud apps.

4- Conditional Access App Control protection: you can protect your organization to avoid data leaks and downloads before they happen.

5- Sanctioning and  unsanctioning an app: You can use Cloud App Security to sanction or unsanction apps in your organization by using the Cloud app catalog.

Here is a screenshot from the home page of one of my demo tenants showing the Cloud App Security dashboard, where you can see the alerts, activities and files being monitored and where you can navigate to discover what is happening in your tenant.


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By John Naguib (Twitter,  TechNet Profile,  MVP Profile)