Community Win: Christmas Special

Hello and welcome everybody to our Thursday - Community Win.

So it's getting closer and closer to Christmas, it's celebrated all over the world, 24th or 25th or even later in Russia, however people are getting into the Christmas spirit.

I had a chat with Mandi (wonderful lady from Microsoft) and I asked her one simple question "Does Microsoft use our articles on the TechNet Wiki for references and to clients?"

You may know the answer, and of course it's yes. The community means both non-Microsoft employees and Microsoft employees. The content is getting more and more valuable for everyone. Whenever I need to find any information, I tend to end up on the TechNet Wiki; I'm pretty sure a lot of people do the same.

The wonderful thing about this is the win everyone gets, I'm into BizTalk, it's my passion, hobby and sometimes according to my wife my real wife ("Are you married to BizTalk or me", I said the only correct thing... of course it's my wife and not BizTalk).

So what I wanted to say is you all have contributed with your Christmas gifts to Microsoft and the Community. I would thank you all, you are making all the products a lot better, and bringing valuable content for me.

This is the biggest win anyone in the community can get this week. So for every new article you make this holiday, go ahead and add the tag "Christmas gift". After the holidays (January) I'll do a count, and the one with the most gifts will receive a very special gift! (Here's the "Christmas Gift" tag on TechNet Wiki Brazil.)

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