Community Win: Hadoop-based Services For Windows

Hello and welcome everybody to our Thursday - Community Win.

Today most people are talking about the general availability of Windows 8 later this evening, but as some of you already know I'm a big Windows Azure fan and with that I have seen some really cool demos about Windows Azure and Apache Hadoop. With the announcement of the Microsoft HDInsight Server for Windows and Windows Azure HDInsights Service yesterday it gets a new dimension. So lets take a step back from the great articles in the last days about the Windows 8 TechNet Wiki Widget (which is also a big community win) from Peter and Peter ;-)

Do you think a great community like the TechNet Wiki Ninjas (that means all of you) has something for you about Hadoop running on Microsoft products? I have to admit: That is an hypothetical question. Of course the community has!

That said I would like to introduce you to a very cool article about Hadoop-based Services For Windows. This article started in December last year with the initial creation by Wesley McSwain and since that it has 114!!! revisions (most of them by Brad Severtson). What does this article contain? A lot (and lot, and lot, and lot) of tutorials, videos, and samples about Hadoop running on Microsoft products.

So without any more interruption from my side: Have a look at that great article and ... enjoy! A big thanks to all community members who have contributed to this article!

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, BlogProfile)