Community Win: How a community works and wins together!

Hello and welcome to the Thursday - Community Win.

Because this is my first post on the WikiNinjas blog let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Jan and I'm a Microsoft Student Partner from Germany.

Question: What has 7 helpful votes, 32 replies, and 4585 views?
Mh, wait! Are you really talking about a wiki article? This seems more to be something like a forum post.
Yes and no!
Ok, now I'm a little bit confused. Can you explain it?
Of course! How do you define community? Is it a collection of resouces and their members which are independent from each other? Or is community a collection of resources where people are working together across borders?
Mh, I would go with the second point.
Now you got it!

The following Community Win originally started on April 30, 2009 with a question from ncth on the SharePoint - Workflow (pre-SharePoint 2010) forum.

Ok, but what has this forum post to do with the TNWiki? Coming back to my point above, a community is not just a wiki or a forum which are independent from each other. It is more!

So, let me give a drum roll. Todays Community Win goes to ... all people who are contributing their knowledge in different ways and who cross the border between the TNForum and the TNWiki and, in todays special case, to Margriet Bruggeman!

Inspired by the contribution of several people in the SharePoint forums Margriet started a series of articles about SharePoint 2010 best practices:

For me that's a perfect example how a community should work (and win) together. Someone is asking a question in a forum, a lot of people are answering it, and someday someone is picking up this question, collects valuable content from this forum thread, and makes a great wiki article from it.

So, a big thanks to Margriet! Keep going!

And to all unnamed Community Ninjas who are doing the same as Margriet: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, Profile)