Council Spotlight: What if we manually migrated the articles?

First of all, please read this post from Peter Laker:


In it, he talks about how we, the TechNet Wiki Community Council, met with the Docs team to talk about a new future for the Wiki Ninjas!

And as we plan what that future may look like, let's engage together in an open and transparent conversation about it. I'll leave Pete and others to give a more exhaustive update, but please engage with me in this discussion as we look to our future. We should not make any decisions without you. Every contributor to TechNet Wiki is what has made it the colossal 35K article juggernaut that it is today!

Current TechNet Wiki Stats:

  • 11K Contributors!
  • 35.4K Wiki Articles!
  • 43 Languages! (latest blog)
  • 251.3K Edits!

So we need your voice! We need the voice of the TechNet Wiki Ninjas...

Here is your first question...


What if we manually migrated articles to the new platform/location?


What do you think about that? The Community Council members would do the migrations, so you wouldn't really have to worry about the work there. This is more of a philosophical question.

That means we wouldn't be building migration tooling. We would be manually going through our massive library and hand-picking your amazing work, and then we would migrate that into the new location.

I'm not sure how we'll select content, but it will include the top articles, especially what's bubbling up to the top in the TechNet Guru contests. Basically we'd focus on the great stuff. And then we'd likely just keep on migrating and moving articles over. If we did it this way, we'd leave everything on TechNet Wiki. So we would be copying the content over. Note that this is a theoretical question. No decisions have been made.

I'm going to keep the details a little vague about what the new platform would look like, for a few reasons: (1) It's in flight and being planned. (2) I'll let others inform you.

So before we make decisions and inform you of them, we'll listen first. Please answer that question in the comments below... What if we manually migrated the articles?


Thank you!

And always remember.

That's it. Just remember. Remembering things can be great.

- Ninja Ed