Council Spotlight: Would you want personal messages?

First of all, please read this post from Peter Laker:


We're continuing our discussion with the community about the migration process and the new platform. We started this conversation last week:

There are many different topics to chat about, and this one randomly popped into my mind. It's been something we've discussed for many years...


Would you want personal messages?

First, this is just a discussion. We don't know what the platform would be like. But let's discuss whether or not things like this would even be valuable. What would we use it for?

I have some loose ideas of how personal messages could help us run a community authoring system, but let's see what you think.

Before we make decisions and inform you of them, we'll listen first. Please answer the question in the comments below.

Here is a list of some roles that might need to communicate:

  1. Contributor to Moderator
  2. Moderator to Contributor
  3. Moderator to Moderator/Admin


Thank you!

Join the World. Join the Community.

- Ninja Ed