Follow Friday (#FF) with International Community Update

Hello Community, Yuri Diogenes here and today I want to share with you updates from TechNet Wiki in two perspectives:

  • What are we doing? Initiatives that we are driving to improve our TechNet Wiki International community.
  • How are you doing? Highlight initiatives that you are driving on your local community!

We will start with some words from France, our great contributor Bruno Lewin has some news from there.

Why is an International blog post in English only? – by Bruno Lewin ( profile )

imageMany readers of the TechNet Wiki are not native English speakers. We’ve estimated that slightly under 50% of the visitors come from countries where English is not an official language. If you’re one of them: Welcome! We have a growing number of articles in other languages ranging from Portuguese to Persian and would love to see more. This article will get you started if you want to publish non-English articles or discover existing articles in other languages.

Many interests are shared by us IT Pros worldwide and a solution that works in New York will often work great in Paris as well. If you’re contributing to the Wiki in English, about half your audience may be non-native English speakers!  You can increase your “global reach” by following a few simple tips that will make your content easier to understand across the world. This also makes it easier for reader who rely on translation to understand your article – but more on this in the coming weeks.

Finally, I’m regularly seeing contributions from IT Pro who are perfectly comfortable with the English language but need to cover scenarios typically not seen in the United States. This ranges from planning the deployment of non-English software, installing multiple languages on a computer or getting ready for International Domain Names (IDN). We have started an International Survival Guide to collect links to articles on that theme. Again, if you see something missing, feel free to add or improve!

Russian News – by Albina Soboleva ( profile )

image“Myself and Yelena House are going to TechEd in Moscow. We will be meeting with over 80  MVPs. Apart from participation on TechEd events, we are going to have few more meetings with different users from Russian Communities, where I will run presentation about our Language Wiki initiative.

Yelena will be running the survey to gather information on what content the communities in Russia would like to see published, what support they are needed and how Microsoft can help. We hope it to be successful since survey comes with the prize J

From what I heard while I was talking to people in Russia, the TechNet Wiki is not widely known, so it will be great opportunity to get people engaged in a first place and continue collaboration in the future.”

French News – by Bruno Lewin ( profile )

imageWe noticed that thousands of visitors from France, Belgium, Quebec and other French-speaking regions are coming to the TechNet Wiki every month. Despite some great contributions, the number of French articles is still very small. This means you cannot search for French terms.  So we looked for simple ways to make wiki content searchable to non-English speakers. French is the first pilot.

The TechNet Wiki contains Portals. Each portal is a collection of links to articles around a technology or a theme. We translated two popular portals into French. These contain titles and pointers to dozens of popular articles. You can now search in French, find the translated Survival guide and finally get to a relevant article.

The approach is new and we're looking for feedback from the community though comments in the French Technology Portal or in this post. We plan to refine our approach based on feedback and possibly extend it to more articles and languages.

Brazilian News – by Yuri Diogenes ( profile )

imageThe last update comes from Brazil, one of the greatest contributors for the TechNet Wiki language based content. The PT-BR articles produced by the Brazilian community is about to reach a great milestone, almost 1000 articles in only eight months. As I explained during my interview last Monday, the Brazilian Community has some interesting ways to engage and evangelize others to contribute with TechNet Wiki. Some contributors will dive into very detailed articles and others will create new ways to use TechNet Wiki to share their knowledge. As an example of that I would like to mention Jordano Mazzoni, a Microsoft MVP that shares his knowledge using Videos and embedding those videos in his articles published at TechNet Wiki. Jordano published more than 150 articles at TechNet Wiki, invested a very great amount of hours to record those videos and recently he announced that he will retire his blog and will dedicate to write exclusively to TechNet Wiki, following a trend started by Luciano Lima. Great job Jordano and thanks for your commitment to the community.

clip_image002Another highlight of creativity, engagement and passion comes from Daniel Donda, a Microsoft MVP. Daniel found a great way to inspire people during a Conference in Brazil (called Community Zone) sponsored by Microsoft that happened last October, three days after MVP Open Day in Brazil. Daniel made TechNetWikiNinjas BR buttons and gave away during the presentation. This was his way to give to the community a brief reminder: TechNet Wiki Rocks and you can be part of it! Thanks Daniel and keep up the great work.


Wrapping up

Pretty exciting time at TechNet Wiki with the International Community driving new content on their local language while we work to provide a full TechNet Wiki platform in different languages…it’s coming, stay tune here and you will know more about it. The wide use of TechNet Wiki in Russia is great. If you’re going to the very first TechED Russia (next week) try to get in touch with Albina, Yelena and Tom Shinder. Yep, he will be there (if you are a Russian speaker, read more about this here) to present and to record some interviews for our Security Talk Show.

I would like to say thanks to all International Community members that are working hard to make the TechNet Wiki a global initiative. The value that this will bring to our IT PROs, DEVs, consumers and all of our customers is gigantic. That’s why we believe that keeping this Friday dedicated to highlight what we are doing to enhance the International experience and also to emphasize the great work that you all are doing is very important.

Keep up the contribution, have a great Friday and don’t forget to tweet #TNWIKI !!