Horizon Net wins the Wiki Ninja Stick Figures - Graduate Collection (17 free images to download)

Hello! Welcome to a wacky edition of Weekend Surprise!

Here's the download where you can get all 17 stick figures in this collection:



You see, back on May 9th, I tallied up the translations to see which language had translated thicles e most Wiki articles. German got first place in that competition:

Who Translates the Most on TechNet Wiki? Portuguese VS German VS French VS Japanese VS Spanish VS Italian (ready? fight!!!)


Then on March 16th, we announced and started Round 2 of the Translation Challenge:

TechNet Wiki Translation Challenge: Ready?? Battle!!! German VS Portuguese VS Italian VS French VS Japanese VS Norwegian


Then on April 13th (about a week ago), we crowned our champions here:

TechNet Wiki Translation Challenge!!! Who won the Round 2 battle??? Was it Portuguese, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, or Norwegian?


As you can see, Portuguese had the most articles translated (69), and Horizon Net had the most articles translated for an individual (45). So Horizon Net received the first prize already, a Monday interview last Monday, on April 16th:

Interview with a Wiki Ninja: Horizon Net, a Microsoft Student Partner, ASP.NET developer, and the winner of our Translation Challenge


Now it's time for the second prize for Horizon Net, the Wiki Ninja stick figure image!

As you can tell in the interview blog comments, Horizon Net and I had an exciting conversation as we determined what the stick figure would look like:



And so now for your enjoyment, here are 17 variations of this Wiki Ninja stick figure!

First, here's the download where you can get them all:



And here you can take a look at a few of them and download them by right-clicking (Save As)...

First, here's a Wiki Ninja with a book:

Next, here's a Wiki Ninja with sunglasses:

Here's the basic Wiki Ninja, standing:

Here's a stick figure with a book:

A stick figure with sunglasses:

A stick figure with a graduation cap:

Now a stick figure with just the robe:

Now a stick figure graduate:

And with a book:

And with sunglasses:

Here's our Wiki Ninja graduate:

And finally our Wiki Ninja graduate with the book and sunglasses:


Congratulations to Horizon Net!

And go here to download them all (17 total):



Have a Wiki of a day!

   - Ninja Ed (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)