International Update – Hindi's community update

This is Friday! You know what that means, right? Time for an International Update!

This time we will look at the Hindi community update...

Last month we looked at the Ed Price's blog International Update: Hindi on TechNet Wiki, I will continue from there,

From past couple of months we are seeing a lot of movement in Progress of each languages, and many new articles are coming in Hindi language.

[Kamlesh Kumar](yes it's me) who had posted first article in Hindi language and leading the international Hindi community that is belongs to India and some other countries.


Some of our top contributors:

  1. [Kamlesh Kumar]
  2. Amjad Khan SharePoint
  3. Abhishek.Kumar.Pathak

In last 6 months, the Microsoft TechNet Wiki has a page which groups articles written in Hindi. The articles are either written originally in Hindi or translated from an article in a different language. You can find those by searching on TechNet for <<hi-IN>> tags. So far, 90+ articles has been tagged with <<hi-IN>>.

This list are various contributions to the wiki:

We hope to have more, and to keep these communities alive and growing: the best is yet to come! 😉

Special thanks to all our international bloggers! Happy Wiki-ing!

TN Wiki Ninja

- Ninja Kamlesh