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Priyaranjan is a SharePoint developer with the knowledge of many programming languages and tools! He has authored 40 articles and has received many Guru Awards.

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  • 2,556 Recognition Points
  • 40 Wiki Articles
  • 314 Wiki Edits
  • 262 Wiki Comments
  • 439 Forum Replies, with 104 Marked Answers


Summary of TechNet Wiki Guru Competition Awards - 14 Gold, 7 Silver, 2 Bronze

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It's great to finally interview Priyaranjan, so let's get to it!


Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

Hello Everyone, My name is Priyaranjan a.k.a Priyan. I was born and brought up in Kerala, India and currently works as a SharePoint Consultant. I started out my career in SharePoint and have worked and delivered multiple projects in it over the past 7 years. At present, I am involved in SharePoint 2016 and Office 365 works and does a lot of community contributions around these areas. During the initial days working with SharePoint had been more about earning my bread and butter, but over the years it has transformed into a passion. In addition to it, I am also working a lot on Azure, PowerBI, jQuery/Angular and PowerShell these days and tries to make sure that I pick up at least one new learning at the end of the day.

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What are your big projects right now?

I am Certified Scrum Master (CSM) from Scrum Alliance and now I am working on getting the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) certification from as well. Community contributions had always been of prime importance as it helps us with exponential knowledge exposure along with helping others learn something new.  I have published 3 free E-books in SharePoint 2016 and Office 365. Now, I am working in parallel on 2 other SharePoint books which will be published soon. Moreover I am Microsoft Certified Solutions Developers (MCSD) in SharePoint Apps and currently planning to take up newly introduced SharePoint Server 2016 Certifications. Talking about work place assignments - In one of the projects I am working on an environment migration from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016 and in another project I am converting Server Side SharePoint Solutions to Angular 2. Exciting times ahead!


What is TechNet Wiki for? Who is it for?

Technet wiki is not confined to Professionals. It is a gathering place of like-minded people from different walks of life who is interested in one technology or the other. TechNet Wiki is growing as the Wikipedia of Microsoft Products with good quality content. Not only is it a place for knowledge exchange but also a platform to build relations that will go a long way in career as well as life. Once you get a hang of it, it becomes a way of life as well as a passion.

Chilling out in the Water Boomerang at Wonderla, Kerala: priya_water-boomerang-at-wonderla


What do you do with TechNet Wiki, and how does that fit into the rest of your job?

Generally speaking, TechNet Wiki is not like other regular blogs where you find abstract and vague information. TechNet Wiki is more matured and authors usually put in more effort to publish an in-depth article based on a topic. While creating such a detailed and descriptive article not only does it benefit the user reading it, it also helps the author learn new things along the way as he has to put in more R&D on the topic being written. This way, it is more of a Two Way Knowledge Exchange. I try to write detailed articles and connect the dots so that the readers have a better and ease of reading experience. The knowledge that I have gained as an Author has helped me immensely in Projects whereby I could reach certain solutions faster, as we might have already covered some of those in a previous write up. More over with the advent of Search Engines, any requirement/code fragment that you are likely to use are Copy/Pasted to your project. This does not really help the developers gain much of a knowledge, but with writing in detail about a topic helps us in manifold ways by creating a structured idea about the topic and we can even refer to it sometime down the line as well.


What is it about TechNet Wiki that interests you?

Obviously it is the collaborative effort that we take up without any hesitation in building a better community. As far as I know we have an open door policy where each of us are easily approachable by the other and the contributions that we post are considered a community asset once published. This helps in improving the write up as more experienced person in that particular area can edit and add his/her knowledge as part of the already existing article. TechNet Wiki is growing day by day with quality contributions and there are lot of people who are dedicating their time outside their normal work hours for building this community either by posting new content or by maintaining the Wiki Content. I would like to thank each and every one of them at this point.


In what other sites and communities do you contribute your technical knowledge?

I try to find some time to answer the TechNet Forums to resolve issues primarily related to SharePoint. I am also an active participant in C# Corner which is another community where we have detailed articles posted every day on numerous cutting edge technologies. In fact I started my community contributions with C# Corner and have published over 200 Articles, 40 Blogs and 3 Books in C# Corner.

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What are your top 5 favourite Wiki articles?

Few of my favourite write ups that were recently posted are:


Who has impressed you in the Wiki community, and why?

It is really hard to answer this as there is a collective effort behind the Wiki Community. But few of the names that comes to mind in the blink of my eyes are:  Ed, the grand-daddy of this entire project who has put in a whole lot of effort in making this what it is now. Peter Geelen,Richard Mueller and Pete Laker have been impressive with so much behind the scene works that keeps TechNet Wiki growing. Ronen Ariely(a.k.a pituach) and Syed Shanu are always approachable for any TechNet Wiki Needs and they have been putting a lot of their time in making Wiki a better place. Prashanth Jayaram,Chendrayen Venkatesan, Gaurav Kumar Arora, Waqas Sarwar, Rajeesh Menoth, Afzal Ahmed Zeeshan,Santhakumar,Sandeep Singh Shekhawat, Ken Cenerelli are impressive with their own unique skills and reading their articles were always very informative.


Do you have any tips for new Wiki authors?

Being a Wiki Author is a responsibility and if you have an idea don’t hesitate to put it up in TechNet Wiki fearing judgements. Wiki is more like a family where we learn from each other. Do some homework and make sure that the write up has some related reads so that the readers get a better understanding about the topic. Also make sure you follow some guidelines like the ones below, which will help you in creating a better formatted article.



Thank you, Priyan, for such a detailed resume! It's truly an honor to have you contributing content with us!

Everyone, please join me in thanking Priyan for everything he's done for the community!


Join the world! Join the Wiki!

- Ninja Ed


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