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Jayendran Arumugam is an MCSE , MCSA , MCP, and Azure Cloud Architect. He works for EY (Ernst and Young).

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At Ernst & Young:

Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

Hi everyone, I’m Jayendran and I was born and brought up in Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India. Currently I’m living with my lovely family which includes me, my lovely father (Arumugam), my lovely mother (Sakunthalai), my cute sister (Shamaladevi) and her naughty son (Roshan). They are the ones with me all the times and the reason for giving this interview today with you all.

I’m actually 24 years old. I’ve completed my Computer Science engineering at Prince Dr.K Vasudevan College of Engineering with 83%.

I’ve started my carrier as Associate software engineer at Deevita Technologies, where I learned a lot about Azure Cloud, Azure DevOps, .Net, SQL Server, Java, Big Data, AWS .lol, I know this is pretty much all the areas where one couldn’t easily get opportunity to work with. But my previous company gave me the freedom and believed in me to achieve something extra-ordinary. Then I completed my back to back Azure Certifications includes 70-473, 70-532 and 70-535 which helps to achieve my one of the dream MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solution Expert).

Currently I’m working at EY (Ernst and Young) in the Analytics and BI Team, where I’m working on my dream role of Data Scientist. I’ve started exploring the Azure Cognitive services like LUIS, Azure Bot, and Computer Vision. Also going to improve our products using Azure Machine Learning and AI to achieve our goal of Building a better working world!

Apart from my technical world, I’m also a keyboard musician, I’ve completed up-to Grade 5 (Piano and Keyboard) Trinity College London. I’ve done more than 200 stage performances in our local bands and orchestra. This credit goes to my sister who is a professional singer, currently she is a playback singer in “South Indian movies”.

It's Christmas time:

What are your big projects right now?

Currently I’m focused on to learn Machine learning algorithms, Statistical Learning, Artificial Intelligence along with implementing Azure Cognitive services such as LUIS, bots, Computer Vision into our analytics projects to make our products better.

Apart from my above focus, I’ll continue helping Microsoft community people via the Stackoverflow, MSDN and LinkedIn.

As usual I’ll write articles in TechNet Wiki whenever I got time and try to complete my next certification AZ-202 and AZ-302.


What is it about TechNet Wiki that interests you?

The people (community) is the one that interests me a lot about TechNet Wiki.

For an example: I’ve been a member of many FB groups. None of the groups is much as active as TechNet Wiki Ninjas. Whenever I’ve get a FB notification, I’ll eagerly went to see that FB notifications which I always expect from TechNet wiki group.

With his parents:

In what other sites and communities do you contribute your technical knowledge?

I love to help others, which gives me the first option as StackOverflow, I’ve happy to share my recent milestone of getting 3k Reputation in Stackoverflow. I’m a keen follower of Azure and Azure DevOps tags in SO.

I’m also a good contributor in the MSDN Forums, where I try to answer questions related to Azure.

Apart from this, I use LinkedIn as a medium to share my technical knowledge to other members.

Playing keyboard:

On what Wiki articles do you spend most of your time?

Absolutely my first Article which is (.Net Core 2: Managing Secrets in Web Apps) the one which I spend most of my time. I started writing article in TechNet from Aug 2018. Because I want to give my best at my very first attempt. So I was searching a good topic which should help others. I was gathering lots of references, video tutorials and finally I made small a demo project, which I committed into my GitHub repo (my very first open source project.)

"Hard work will definitely payoff," is a quote that I'm making true in my life. My first article itself achieved a TechNet Guru Award Aug 2018 for me. I earned the silver badge under the ASP.NET Category.

Also this article was approved as the Article of the Day on 10/10/2018 in the ASP.NET community.


What could we do differently on TechNet Wiki?

Yearly once we could arrange a meeting, so that all the TechNet wiki members have a chance to meet others in person and we can enjoy and have fun J

Also TechNet Guru Award badges can be integrated with a common badge system like Acclaim. So that all the Microsoft badges can be maintained in a single place.

Growing up:

Do you have any tips for new Wiki authors?

As you see new wiki authors face some connectivity issues (or) slowness issue which makes them feel uncomfortable to write articles in a continuous way. I’ve a two main tip for them

  1. Don’t give up - Always keep a local draft of our article in a HTML format before saving the article.
  2. Proud to be a TechNet Wiki Contributor - TechNet wiki is the place where you can able to communicate and having the opportunity to meet the greatest contributors and pillars of Microsoft. We should be proud to be a part of such great community J


Thank you, Jayendran for your contributions and your dedication to excellence! Everyone, please join me in thanking Jayendran for all his community contributions!


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