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Q. Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

[KK]: Hello techies, this is Kamlesh Kumar (Linkedin, twitter, Facebook) from India. I am currently living in Mumbai (City of Dreams). I am happily married and live with my loving family. After completing my engineering degree from the RGTU Bhopal University , I joined IT industry as a software engineer. I am currently working as a Software Lead in a company called GEP in Mumbai and specialized on integration with Microsoft BizTalk Server. As a software Lead, my job allows me to play a lead role in integration solution and provide advice to my client about integration. As a BizTalk integration specialist I involved in development as well as in administration and audit environments. In the last couple of years I have been implementing Azure Logic Apps integration for our organization.  Kamlesh_Image1

Image 1: This is me! 


Q. What are your big projects right now?

[KK]: I am an active blogger (, member and moderator of MSDN BizTalk Server Forums, TechNet Wiki author.

In current organization, I am leading an Interface team where our team do the integration between client's tool and our tool and that is very important to establish a connection between client system and GEP system, all in Azure. other than this, maintaining and developing our existing customer's as well as our own BizTalk solutions. 

I have created some BizTalk fundamental video tutorials and am planning to publish them in the next quarter.


Q. What is TechNet Wiki for? Who is it for?

[KK]: I view it as a Wikipedia for technical problems as well as knowledge. It is for anyone who loves to share and learn technology. It is a knowledge bank where two types of peoples comes, one who wants to learn the technology and second who wants to share the technology with world. And the best part is, this is for all Professionals, Teachers, Students who uses Microsoft Technologies.


Image 2: Here I am with my wife.


Q. What do you do with TechNet Wiki, and how does that fit into the rest of your job?

[KK]: I started following TechNet Wiki articles from starting of my career and it helped me a lot to learn many technologies including advance BizTalk. Initially I started to edit and improve the existing articles that boost my confidence and after attained enough knowledge started helping other peoples. I am very proud to announce, I had started Hindi(Indian) language article on TechNet wiki. This new language translation helping many peoples to learn technology in Hindi language. After received lots of positive feedback from readers as well as community leaders It motivated me to contributes more and more TechNet Wiki articles in Hindi.


Q. What is it about TechNet Wiki that interests you?

[KK]: For Microsoft Technologies, TechNet Wiki is a very well-planned site where many techies can edit one article and improve the quality of that article and I loved this feature a lot. Once any article created by someone on TechNet wiki then it is not personal article, it now belongs to TechNet Wiki public property where anyone can edit.


Image 3: With my brother, Sister, and Sister in-law, on my Sister's wedding day.


Q. In what other sites and communities do you contribute your technical knowledge?

[KK]: Generally I am also very active on the MSDN forums, where I am helping others with my knowledge. Recently I got a challenging position on BizTalk MSDN forum as a moderator and I am performing my duties honestly.


Q. On what Wiki articles do you spend most of your time?

[KK]: There are many article where I spend my most of time, some are like, 

Microsoft Azure App Service Resources Portal

Azure Logic Apps: Calling Azure Functions inside Logic Apps,

BizTalk Server: List of Service Packs and Cumulative Updates,

Moderating Microsoft Forums Portal


Image 4: On vacation in New Jersey.


Q. Who has impressed you in the Wiki community, and why?

[KK]:  Honestly, all techies are doing a great job and they are helping others to hear their knowledge, that really impressed me. As a BizTalk person, there are many names but some of them are very active and have impressed me: Sandro, Steef-Jan, Tord, Mahesh, and Johns-305. (I really like all articles written by them. They know what is important and what they need to share with folks.) If possible, I really want to meet them personally.

Other than BizTalk folks it’s Ronen Ariely and you Ed (Ed Price). I am directly connected with Ronen on Facebook in the TechNet Wiki group, and his administration is awesome. I want some tips from them. And I think I don't need to explain how you impressed me or all community members.


Q. Do you have any comments for product groups about TechNet Wiki?

[KK]: First a big thanks to the TechNet Wiki team for doing great stuff. They are doing a nice job and because of them globally we are connected with techie guys with nice articles. I just want to add some request, some time during new article creation or updation of existing article, it's not saving properly or it's taking a long time to save. And second, when we update a article that was written in local language then it should automatically convert some character from an unreadable character.


Q. Do you have any tips for new Wiki authors?

[KK]: Very basic and simple tips for new authors, please first read some important rules and regulation of TechNet wiki. Because sometimes if you write some article and if it is already written by someone previously then no make sense to write same topic again. batter to edit the existing one. And do not hesitate or afraid to write a new article with a descriptive subject. Discuss your articles within your group or Facebook TechNet wiki group. There is always a scope of improvement so, learn and write quality articles.



Big thanks to Kamlesh for the interview and for all your accomplishments on TechNet Wiki!

Please join me in thanking Kamlesh!


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