Interview with a Wiki Ninja, MVP, Partner, MCC, & Expert in .NET & Azure - Gaurav Kumar Arora

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Gaurav Kumar Arora

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Gaurav is an MVP, Microsoft Partner, and MCC! He has written 9 fantastic articles!

Example articles:

MSDN/TechNet Statistics:

  • 10 Wiki Articles
  • 59 Wiki Edits
  • 17 Achievement Awards
  • Multiple Guru Medals in Azure and Visual C#!


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First of all thanks to Mr. Ed Price and all Wiki Team for this honor.


Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

Hi everyone, this is Gaurav Kumar Arora from India. I’m currently located in New Delhi (Capital and heart of India). I live with loving family (Mom and my lovely wife).

Science and Technology is in my blood. When I was in 6th standard, I created a prototype model of an electronic city (model for warehouses and factories) for my school Science & Technology fest (in year 1987-88). This model was based on solar energy and alerts for critical situations eg. If fire in a factory or material is out of stock.

On Vacassion in Rani Khet, Uttranchal, India

 After completion of my Software Engineering Diploma, I started my carrier with my favorite language C/C++ at O.S.E. Ltd., India in year-1998. I am always interested in Research & Development and believe in ‘Learn & Share’ methodologies. I always thankful to team OSE, they have sponsored my higher education and I completed many courses viz. AI Certs and M.Phill (Comp. Sc.) and currently, pursuing Ph.D. (Comp. Sc.). After that I moved to Pyramid IT Consulting (P) Ltd. And these days, I am mentoring 2-startups (as a consultant Architect) to speed-up their development for Azure IoT stuffs.

In 1999, I started a small group (named it as Muhalla Techies), where we exchange our knowledge on various technologies/languages including C/C++ , Microsoft Technologies (especially MS Windows). I thanksful to Microsoft Team who created this history page:

Speaking in conference Local group - Noida, India

I believe in smart-hard-works and I am a positive thinker. As per my view, there is nothing impossible in the world, you just need hard work and determination.

These days, I am also working on my dream project (aka Mango in clouds), its still in drafts and working to release few white papers in near future.

Speaking Local group - Noida, India

Apart from writing, speaking, conducting events of Technology, I usually tried to spend my time with my family. I love nature and whenever get free time, I spend few moments to enjoy chirping of words.


What are your big projects right now?

I am looking for any certifications related to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, I would love to attend any lab/event on Neuron Networks.

I am associated with few local groups, where I speak and mentoring on various technologies (especially ASP.Net, Azure and Software & Architecture). During my association with Hyderabad Techies (a Microsoft User Group), we have created records for delivering nonstop 48 hrs. and 100 hrs. Webinars. I was doing Silverlight Applications, Games stuff as a WebMaster of SilverlightClub (this website has been acquired by Microsoft).

I am working on subject ASP.Net WebHooks and ASP.Net Core for my upcoming books.

Here are glimpse from my stuffs:

I love to do coding for ASP.NET WehBooks and always thankful to Henrik Frystyk Nielsen for his supporting words for my work.

Recently I got the biggest award anyone could ever receive, namely the title of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, this award is due to all my colleagues and community supporters who helped me to serve for the community.


What is TechNet Wiki for? Who is it for?

In my view, Technet Wiki is a platform to showcase our writing and innovative skills. It is for all Professionals, teachers, authors, writers, students and all who want to share knowledge. Its also a knowledge bank where we can learn and write good contents and programs.


What do you do with TechNet Wiki, and how does that fit into the rest of your job?

Apart from my stuff I do for community activities, I read the Azure blog at and try to make myself updated with new Azure technologies and stuffs. I like write-ups on Security not only related to Azure but all Microsoft Stack (viz. Asp.Net, C# etc.).

As I said earlier, I believe in learning so, I am still a learner and always try to learn new things and TechNet Wiki is the place which provides me such platform to fulfill my needs.


What is it about TechNet Wiki that interests you?

Its always my pleasure to read new articles in TechNet Wiki, there are great authors who regularly contributed on their expertise subject and I love their articles. TechNet wiki is a repository of quality articles, which guide in right direction for specific subject.


What are your favorite Wiki articles you’ve contributed?

It’s a tricky one for me. All my TechNet Wiki articles are favorite for me. The most liked and recommended articles as per readers is: Azure:Create and Deploy ASP.NET WEBAPI to Azure and Manage using Azure API Management This article selected for TechNet Guru award and published in TechNet Wiki Magazine (Flipboard) October 2015 Edition.


What are your top 5 favorite Wiki articles?

The list is long, but here are five:

There are few more articles, I always admire to read (not Wiki articles):


Do you have any comments for product groups about TechNet Wiki?

TechNet Wiki team is doing great stuff. It’s a team work to make product presence globally by quality articles. If I got a chance I would like to add a separate category for ‘ASP.Net WebHooks’ currently its in preview and I am expecting a great future for this. There would be a separate sections for Azure IoT stuffs and Azure scaling (for quality articles).


Do you have any tips for new Wiki authors?

For a new author, it’s a place to start. I would say to new authors do not hesitate to select any subject and start with a descriptive but meaningful articles. One more, todays many new authors are participating and writing articles for more points, it’s a suggestion – please submit your article without any interest. Discuss your articles within your group and other authors. Ask others to read articles and take all comments as a compliment. There is always a scope of improvement so, learn and write quality articles. Do not forget to follow Technet Wiki article rules while you’re submitting your articles.


Thank you to Gaurav for all your fantastic articles and community contributions! I really appreciate the high level of quality that you bring to your articles.

Everyone, please join me in thanking Gaurav for all he does for the Microsoft .NET community!


Jump on in! The Wiki is warm!

   - Ninja Ed