Interview with a Wiki Ninja - Renato Groffe

Hello Wiki community, today is the day of Monday interview with Wiki Ninja.

It is my pleasure to introduce Renato Groffe




Some of Renato key statistics:

  • 7,957 Recognition Points
  • 325 Forum Answers
  • 7 Wiki Articles
  • 103 Wiki Edits
  • 2 Wiki Comments
  • 28 Blog Comments

Some of Renato latest Wiki Articles:

Visual Studio Code: criando um projeto MVC 6  

Bundling no ASP.NET MVC: simplificando a manipulação de scripts em uma aplicação Web

Special thanks to Jefferson Castilho for conducting the interview in Portuguese:

  Segunda-Feira - Entrevista com a Wiki Ninja - Renato Groffe

Who are you, where you are and what you do?

My name is Renato José Groffe and since I work professionally for a few years in São Paulo (I was born and still live in a city in São Paulo State called Salto). I started my career in the field of Technology in 2001, and since 2005 I have been working on implementing solutions that use Microsoft technologies such as .NET and SQL Server.

I am Bachelor of Information Systems, specializing in Software Engineering (emphasis in SOA) and am completing an MBA Business Intelligence. Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (Web, WCF, Distributed Applications, ADO.NET, Windows Forms), Microsoft Specialist (HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3, Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications), Oracle Certified Associate (PL / SQL), Sun Certified (SCJP, SCWCD), ITIL Foundation V2, COBIT 4.1 Foundation. May / 2015 spent doing also part of the MTAC (Microsoft Technical Audience Contributor).

What are the technologies of their specialty?

Currently my work is focused on implementing projects on the .NET platform (using technologies such as ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Web Forms and WCF), and other solutions aimed at SQL Server (such as Integration Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, as well as T-SQL).

How did you met TechNet Wiki and what their first collaboration?

Already knew the TechNet Wiki through research for solutions in day-to-day my work. But I did not know that the space was free and that anyone could participate. I only had knowledge of this fact through a review Durval Ramos, in a post from Fabio Hara on the participation in the technical community in 2014. Since then I have been contributing wherever possible with articles.

My first contribution was an article about ASP.NET MVC:

Bundling no ASP.NET MVC: simplificando a manipulação de scripts em uma aplicação Web

In addition to its work on TechNet Wiki, in which other places you usually contribute?

I have contributed since 2011 in magazines .NET Magazine, and DevMedia Portal (all initiatives Publisher DevMedia - Already in 2014, in addition to TechNet Wiki, I spent collaborating with articles to blogs .NET Coders groups ( TI Selvagem ( e BR (, always focusing on .NET, other Microsoft technologies (mainly related to SQL Server) and Software Architecture themes.

Recently also I started to speak at events organized by the .NET Coders group. Also helping also come in MSDN forums in Brazil, answering questions related to development in .NET whenever possible platform.

What are your major projects now?

I am currently working in the development team of an insurance broker (Aon Brazil), dividing my time in projects focused on health and dental areas. In the technical community, my goal is to follow contributing articles on TechNet Wiki and communities that participate, and start recording for a channel videos and increase my participation as a speaker at events.

What do you do with the TechNet Wiki and how it fits into your work?

I see the TechNet Wiki as a "two-way street." On the one hand, I am contributing and collaborating with something I found useful for with community friends. At the same time, the preparation of articles always requires research and effort often dominating something new, which will certainly be useful for my improvement as an IT professional.

Among the articles you contributed to the TechNet Wiki community, what are its favorites are?

The first of the articles that I consider the favorite won the TechNet Wiki Day award for January / 2015, with a solution that can be used both in desktop environment, as in mobile devices:

Processamento paralelo e assíncrono no .NET Framework

The second article was about Visual Studio Code, which enables the development of .NET applications on operating systems such as Mac and Linux. Although this is a solution still developing, had excellent feedback from this article (even people who do not have great familiarity with the Microsoft development platform):

Visual Studio Code: criando um projeto MVC 6

Who impressed in the Wiki community and why?

What impressed me most was the freedom for everyone to contribute. It is a very democratic space and that is always open for interested professionals to participate. Before that was the false impression that participation was subject to some kind of invitation, coming from someone who was already contributing in advance.

Thank you for the contributions and the interview Renato

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