Interview with an ASP.NET and C# Wiki Ninja - Sandeep Shekhawat

It's time for another Interview with a Wiki Ninja.

Today's interview is with an ASP.NET and C# expert...

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Sandeep has been a powerhouse of TechNet Wiki articles, recently. So let's meet Sandeep and get to the interview!


Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

Hello, I am Sandeep Singh Shekhawat from Jaipur, India. I was born on 29.11.1988 in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. I live with my family(Mom,Sister, Brother and Wife). I have completed master degree in computer application (MCA) from Gyan Vihar School of Engineering and Technology (RTU) and bachelor degree in science (Physics & Maths) from Maharaja’s College, Jaipur. Since 2014, I am working as a Software Developer with +5 years’ experience at Dotsquares Technology, Jaipur. Here, my work is developing applications with C#, ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework using Visual Studio IDE.

I am a technology enthusiast and love working on Microsoft Web development technologies. I have interest to develop backend and real time applications. My specialty lies in C#, ASP.NET and Entity Framework. I love learning new things and share knowledge on communities. So, I am actively involved in the communities like MSDN Code Samples and TechNet Wiki.

I follow a thought to learn technology during daily development that is “An error is our best teacher that always teaches us new thing”.


What are your big projects right now?

I am focusing on ASP.NET Core, C# 7.0, Azure and Node.js with Visual Studio 2017. I published an article series on ASP.NET Core with real development examples on TechNet Wiki. I am working on next wiki articles related C# 7.0, ASP.NET Core, Azure and Node.js with Visual Studio 2017. I have interest to develop application with the Microsoft Bot Framework. So, I build an application with the Microsoft Bot Framework using Microsoft Cognitive Services.

I am working on Microsoft Certification for this year as well.


What is TechNet Wiki for? Who is it for?

The TechNet Wiki is an ocean of knowledge. It is for anyone who wants to learn and share his/her knowledge about Microsoft technologies. It is a community which binds all Professionals, Teachers and Students who uses Microsoft technologies in his/her daily life.


What do you do with TechNet Wiki, and how does that fit into the rest of your job?

Since July 2016, I started my contribution at TechNet Wiki. I edit articles which are related ASP.NET, C# and web technology. I fix HTML formatting of wiki articles during edit so that they can fit as per Wiki guideline. I contributed most of articles on ASP.NET Core so that these can help to developers to learn this new technology from basics.

I use TechNet Wiki as a resource library. Wiki articles help to me follow right approaches with coding standard in application design.


What is it about TechNet Wiki that interests you?

Personal blog and other communities have content about specific technology which can be expired in near future while TechNet Wiki has good resources in each Microsoft technology forever.

Anyone can improve article which is published on TechNet Wiki. Although, he is not the original author of it. Monthly Guru and Weekly Top Contributor awards motivate authors to contribute quality articles. TechNet Wiki reputation system is designed in such way that every quality article increases author’s reputation points rapidly. The quality article can be highlighted on Tuesday Wiki Spotlight. Thanks to Syed Shanu who picked one of my article as Tuesday Wiki Spotlight.


In what other sites and communities do you contribute your technical knowledge?

I have written well over 115 articles with +8M read view about Microsoft Technologies on other communities. I have been awarded as C# Corner MVP (5th times) and Code Project MVP. More than 20 articles of mine have been selected as Article of the Day at Microsoft ASP.NET site. My article has  also been selected as a spotlight article by Microsoft ASP.NET team. I also spend time in the following communities.

  1. C# Corner
  2. TechNet Gallery
  3. MSDN Sample
  4. Code Project


What are your top 5 favorite Wiki articles?

I like article series on ASP.NET Core MVC which published on TechNet wiki. Apart from this series, some shortlisted articles are as follows

  1. Build Your First Bot Application With Microsoft Bot Framework
  2. Onion Architecture In ASP.NET Core MVC
  3. ASP.NET Core: Generic Repository Pattern
  4. ASP.NET Core MVC: Authentication And Role Based Authorization With ASP.NET Core Identity
  5. Node.js With Visual Studio 2017


Who has impressed you in the Wiki community, and why?

All authors are doing great job. I’m impressed by all contributors who spend a lot of time to publish articles at TechNet Wiki. Microsoft MVPs impress me. They explain new technology from zero to hero.

I am a big fan of Ed Price, Ronen Ariely and Syed Shanu. Apart from these, I have some more names that have not only impressed me but also motivated me to share my knowledge about Microsoft technology.  Richard Muller, Peter Geelen, Pete Lekar, Waqas Sarwar, Carmelo, Akhil Mittal, Gourav Kumar Arora, Vithal Wadge,  Prasanth Jayaram, Inderjeet Singh Jagi, Sibeesh Venu, Rajeesh Menoth, Kamlesh Kumar, PriyaRanjan KS, Emiliano Musso, Santha Kumar Munuswamy, Bijay Kumar Sahoo, M.Vignesh are few of them. They have made big contribution with dedication. My dream is to share a coffee with these guys one day.


What does success look like for TechNet Wiki?

TechNet Wiki is already success with more than 8K contributors who have contributed +25K articles in Microsoft technology. It’s a learner stop platform where each technical problem’s solution can be found with explanation. I am looking forward to a day when every techie bookmarks it in his favorite browser and visits it daily with addiction.


Do you have any tips for new Wiki authors?

With regards reputation points, TechNet wiki is a marathon, not a sprint.  You should contribute on those Microsoft technologies in which you are an expert.  Here are some more tips:

  1. I would suggest not to include code as an image; rather it could be in editor block.
  2. I think unnecessary images should be omitted. As a developer would like to go with images then videos would be his priority.
  3. Author should share his published article on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Linked in) and register his article in the Monthly TechNet Guru compition.
  4. Try to write wiki articles in HTML editor rather than Design view for good formatting.


Awesome! Thank you, Sandeep, for all your TechNet Wiki articles!

Everyone, please join me in the comments and thank Sandeep for his community contributions!


Wiki, Wiki, Wiki, you are healthy, and not sickly,

  • Ninja Ed

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