Interview with Andre R Novello of Brazil

Hello Wiki community.

Today is Monday, the day for our Interview with a Wiki Ninja.
Our interviewee is: Andre R Novello

He is a member of the Microsoft Technet community since the year 2012.
Author of the blog:
Wrote 21 articles on Technet Wiki Brazil.
His classification in the community includes 2 silver and 13 bronze medals!
Total 4,190 points.

Let's meet him

Who are you?
I'm Andre Ricardo Novello, have 26 year and living in Piracicaba-SP. Work at a small accounting firm, where I am responsible for the whole it area (telephony, system, infrastructure, Servers, and clients). I am post graduate in computer networks and how desktop preference am certified in virtualization, Server and Desktop Virtualization MCTS. I also have a company that is starting, which will offer services of electronic invoices (NFE PROTECT).

What technologies do you specialize in?
My specialty is to keep the accounting system always available and also virtualization. I have a Hyper-V with some virtual machines for the use of SPED Fiscal and accounting, a content filter to PFSENSE and possess also a Windows Server 2012 R2 and WSUS for testing.

Where else in the community do you contribute?
I contribute always in the area of virtualization Technet Forum and also by Linkedin when there is some doubt of acquaintances who are posted there.

What do you like to read on Technet Wiki?
Step-by-step articles for installation, and deployment tips requirements.

Currently, what projects are you working on?
This year, in 2014, my plans is the development of my company that will run the cloud service.
Among others is to continue posting on my blog and on technet to help others and also to continue learning. I
intend to take other certifications and become a MCT and MVP if possible. Among other plans would migrate my Windows Server 2008 R2 by 2012 R2 and do a Nic Team with my 3 gigabit network cards, and also deploy RDS to the accounting system.

Who impressed you in the Technet Wiki community?
I always followed blogs from other professionals who are more apparent, such as Marcelo Sincic, Rafael Bernardes, Fabio Hara, Vinícius Apollinario among others that I could cite, but the works of all of them are what motivates me to help and also to maintain the blog and create a community of friends who can help us in the day-to-day, through the experiences and problems.

What are your 5 favorite articles on Technet Wiki?

  1. Hyper-V Placa de Rede (Switch Virtual) – Artigo básico mas para iniciantes é o primeiro passo sempre.
  2. Deduplicação de Dados – Básico agora no Server 2012 – Ótima ferramenta
  3. Instalação do Orchestrator 2012 R2
  4. Storage Migration 2012 R2:
  5. Instalando Console de gerenciamento do VMM em Windows 8 – Bem interessante para administradores do VMM com restrição:

What are your recommendations for those who have not yet contributed to the Technet Wiki Community?
As an article can go from basic to advanced the important thing is to be objective in the explanation and imagine that article writing can help people who search by doubt. So to write an article needs to devote a few hours writing, editing and cropping some images for the post. In my case I felt a lot of the lack of articles with complete explanation about issues such as installation, which in time to point to SQL always occurred problems, among others from the System Center family.

What can the Microsoft community contribute with on Technet Wiki?
All with good experience in Microsoft platforms can concentrate on something that has more easily/specialty and turn this into an article that will help everyone. The longer deployment materials better. And the Technet Forum for more specific questions also makes it much easier.

The Microsoft community that you can only help so much thank you and tell you. Thank you!

Your willingness to help and your dedication and commitment is of fundamental importance for all.
We are sure, that your example, motivates other employees to be part of this great team that is the Technet community.
Continue with the great collaboration!

Wiki Ninja Hezequias Vasconcelos