Interview with BizTalk Guru: M.R.Ashwinprabhu, Integration MVP and TechNet Guru Medal Winner

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Welcome to our Monday Interview with a Wiki Ninja! 
Today the interview will be with M.R.Ashwinprabhu. Ashwin is a Microsoft Integration MVP, MCC and TechNet Guru Winner  Ashwin has been  active  on forums since Feb 2011.

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Ashwin's Profile : 

Mahesh: Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

Ashwin:  I am independent integration & cloud consultant in the UK and a Microsoft Integration MVP. My primary focus is around integration technologies in the Microsoft integration platform such as BizTalk and Windows Azure BizTalk Services (WABS).
As an independent integration consultant, I get the chance to experience different BizTalk/integration requirements and implementation across different business sectors. Also, I get the chance to perform various roles, for some clients I have to be an architect to provide a better design/architecture to fit their business, for some as developer to develop and implement an integration solution and for some as an administrator and solution provider to their production problems.

I am also involved in community activities through BizTalk forums, my blog, TechNet Wiki and Code Gallery.


Mahesh: What are your big projects right now?

Ashwin:  For one of my clients I am working in a project which integrates data and large size, high quality images from iPad applications from their multiple branches across the country to their head office systems. It’s a green field project involving various features of BizTalk also with BAM tracking including different interceptors, tracking, ESB toolkit, RESTFul Service, Rabbit-MQ and to an extend Windows-Azure.

Besides, I am involved in analysing migrating client’s existing BizTalk application to BizTalk 2013.

Along my personal front, I am exploring different feature of WABS. Now being an MVP, I have MSDN subscription, which provides $150 per month credit for Azure Services. This credit is like “use it or lose it” type one, which I am trying to use it which also helps me to learn the new offering in WABS.


Mahesh: What is TechNet Wiki for? Who is it for?

Ashwin:  Microsoft on its own cannot satisfy the hunger of knowledge of its community. This is where TechNet Wiki fills this gap. TechNet Wiki provides the ecosystem where the community can come together and share their knowledge and experience to grow as a community.

TechNet Wiki - A platform where experts can collaborate and share their knowledge and experience in benefit for its own community.

Somebody would have leant a new concept or would have found a solution to a complex problem, they use TechNet Wiki as a tool to share their knowledge and experience so that others would benefit. Other experts who have experienced the same concept or problem can enrich the content and make it more informative to benefit the community.

Mahesh: Who is it for?

Ashwin:  As said, it’s a community driven tool for benefits if its own community.


Mahesh: What are your top 5 favourite Wiki articles?


  1. BizTalk Server: Administrator Queries and Scripts: A good example for what TechNet-Wiki is. Experts share their scripts to community for various administrative tasks. I have also contributed to this useful collection. This would immensely help many in automating their operational tasks.
  2. Windows Azure BizTalk Services: Pulling Messages from a Service Bus Queue:  One of the good articles on WABS. Excellent step-by-step guide to pulling messages from Service Bus.
  3. BizTalk Server: Grouping and Sorting Operations Inside BizTalk Maps Using the Muenchian Method: I have seen many questions in the MSDN BizTalk forum around Grouping and Sorting in maps. I would always refer this article which would have solved many questions.
  4. List of Award Winning TechNet Guru Articles: One place to see the Award winning TechNet Guru articles. Visit this page once a month and enrich your knowledge with a great new article.
  5. BizTalk: Enterprise Integration Patterns: Collection of references to the Enterprise Integration Patterns.


Mahesh: What do you want to see more in TechNet Wiki?

Ashwin:  In Tech-Wiki, I see more of “What it is” and “How to” type of articles where experts write about new topics and how to implement the same. I also want to see more articles on problem-solution based articles. We would see many uses cases in your projects and would have given some good solutions in our projects. I want to see more about their experience, how they/experts have handled a uses case, solved one of their problems. I have written an article on a similar thread

BizTalk: Generating Flat File Schema for File with Tag Identifiers not at the Beginning, Grouping Data by Element and Debatching

I want to see more these types of articles; this would benefit others in terms of experiencing the real-world problems and their solutions by the experts


Mahesh: Who has impressed you in the Wiki community, and why?

Ashwin:  Steef-Jan Wiggers, Sandro Pereira, Tord G.Nordahl and you (Maheshkumar S Tiwari)

These people have always impressed me in the Wiki community for the number of quality contributions to the community. I hope combination of articles contributed by these experts would be the major slice to the BizTalk’s TechWiki.

Steef-Jan with his excellent works has always moved me to perform more work the  community. 




Thank you, Ashwin for all your contributions, and welcome to the community !!!

Feel free to ask him more questions in the comments!


-- Wiki Ninja Mahesh