Interview with BizTalk Wiki Ninja: Abhishek Kumar, TechNet Guru Medal Winner

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Welcome to our Monday Interview with a Wiki Ninja!
Today the interview will be with Abhishek Kumar. Abhishek  is TechNet Guru Winner and has been active on forums since Jan 2011.

So far he has contributed 5 articles and am sure many in pipeline.He is amongst few people who are consistently helping people solving their problems and clarifying their doubts around BizTalk. The best thing is, he never stops until he has solved the problem or clarified the doubts.

On 1st January  2015 he was awarded as Integration MVP !!!!!

Abhishek Kumar's Profile:[Abhishek%20kumar]


Mahesh:  Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?
Abhishek:   I am Abhishek Kumar 28 years old, I live in the beautiful city of Bangalore India and currently working with Cognizant Technology Solutions (
.I started working on Microsoft BizTalk server in Year 2008(early in my career) as a Single Integration resource for one of the Indian Insurance Client ICICI Lombard.
I was sole responsible for all BizTalk Development and Environmental support so it had given me a right platform to have myself learning with trial and error. For me there is nothing like any formal training in BizTalk and my experience is all from my own mistakes :).  In this journey I have read every BizTalk book available in Market and do my own POC with each article I go through.
I also want to thank Kent Weare, my mentor with whom I have worked for one of the energy based client in Canada. His impression is immense; he can give you right direction how to develop yourself and never hesitate to help whenever you are in some trouble.

Mahesh: What are your big projects right now?
Abhishek: Currently I am working with a UK Client which has Introduced Microsoft BizTalk 2013 as its main Integration tool and I have assigned to develop BizTalk Interfaces for them :) .

Here I am developing BizTalk interfaces for SAP, SharePoint and Dynamics AX. It’s a short term assignment and I am on the verge of completing it.  So I am good at BizTalk Administrator as well as for the Development.

Really I don’t have any BizTalk Certification with me and I do believe having my own knowledge speaks rather than getting certified in each skills.

 Mahesh: What is TechNet Wiki for? Who is it for?
 Abhishek: TechNet Wiki is for all guys who want to learn from diverse sources it’s not limited to specific author, specific topic etc  .It has large scope of learning and I can say If you want to remain updated then go through these wiki Articles as these are the  places where you can find real innovation in terms of content and topic .

 Mahesh:  What do you do with TechNet Wiki, and how does that fit into the rest of your job?
 Abhishek : For me I am huge fan of TechNet Wiki and been constant reader of it.  I can see steef jan Wiggers, You (Mahesh S Tiwari ), Tord , Tomasso Groenendijk, @Sandro with some of  great articles which has already thousands of fan following across world and I am one of them.

As a writer on  TechNet Wiki I am still trying my skills out here. I am trying to write up some of the innovative ways of working with BizTalk and real challenges faced while doing self learning.

Mahesh:  What is it about TechNet Wiki that interests you?
 Abhishek:  The innovation in the Articles and the content which is easily understood and implemented
I can say, It’s the best way you can communicate to wider audience and get a feedback on your Technical understating.

Mahesh:  On what articles have you collaborated with other community members on #TNWiki? What was that experience like?
Abhishek:  Currently None. But hopefully will get some chance to do in coming days J

Mahesh:  What are your favorite Wiki articles you’ve contributed?
Abhishek: There are three articles I have written in Month of December 2014. Which can give some fresh ideas   These all are small but yes it’s somehow related questions asked to  me  while training BizTalk guys

Mahesh:  What are your top 5 favorite Wiki articles?

 Abhishek: Its hard to decide  butThese are some of the lists I do like . Still lot of them are not mentioned here

How to use NServiceBus to do Broadcast Message Distribution with BizTalk Server RFID by Michael Stephenson UK
BizTalk Orchestration Performance: Thoughts from BizTalk Support by Mandi Anez

BizTalk Server 2013: Consuming a RESTFul Endpoint using WCF-WebHttp by Steef Jan
Creating a MessageBox On-Ramp in the ESB Toolkit by Tomasso Groenendijk
BizTalk Server 2010: Step-by-Step to implement Unit Testing in Schemas and Maps @Sandro

Mahesh: What are the top 5 Wiki articles or areas that need more attention and development?
Abhishek: I think we need to some more innovation with BAM and Rule Engine. Both of them are powerful Integration tool but real time implementation is still missing.
There is lot of scope in both of these two areas as per my thinking.
Mahesh:  Who has impressed you in the Wiki community, and why?
Abhishek:  You Mahesh and Steef jan Wiggers ,@ Sandro and Tord . All you peoples have done great job with TechNet Wiki.
The articles written and topic covered always have fresh content and its essential if someone really want to learn from others trail and error.

Mahesh:  What does success look like for TechNet Wiki? :
Abhishek: The Content and the innovation you provide in articles, this is what makes TechNet Wiki Success and huge user following.

Mahesh:  Do you have any comments for product groups about TechNet Wiki?
Abhishek: They are doing great job J .   For my own learning I am eagerly waiting for BizTalk Microservices to make some early articles with lot of hits. J



Thanks Abhishek for all your contributions, and welcome to the community again.


 Feel free to ask questions to Abhishek!!!!!!


-- BizTalk Wiki Ninja Mahesh