July SSRS Guru - SathyanarrayananS brings us "Multi Font Color / Multi Font Size within a Single Field / Textbox"

It's time for another July TechNet Guru winner!

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Here is the gold medal article:

SSRS: Multi Font Color / Multi Font Size within a Single Field / Textbox


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Guru Award  SQL Server Reporting Services, Power View, & SQL Server Integration Services Technical Guru - July 2013  

Gold Award Winner


SathyanarrayananS SSRS - Multi Font Color / Multi Font Size within Single Field / Textbox Peter Laker: "Most useful of the two for me." Ed Price: "Very common scenario. The code and comments help walk us through it. Good job!"

Silver Award Winner


Shanky_621 How to Transfer Records from SQL Server to Postgres Peter Laker: "Excellent article. Very close second." Ed Price: "Another useful article! Good detail."


Two great articles for this category, and hopefully something for us to build on. Thanks to both entrants, keep the articles coming!


And here's an excerpt from the article:

Consider below sample code is my dataset query:

DECLARE @UnitsOfMeasurement ``TABLE (Measurement ``VARCHAR`` (50),Units ``VARCHAR`` (20))

INSERT @UnitsOfMeasurement ``SELECT'Area'``,``'m2'

INSERT @UnitsOfMeasurement ``SELECT'Volume'``,``'m3'

INSERT @UnitsOfMeasurement ``SELECT'Luminance'``,``'cd/m2'

INSERT @UnitsOfMeasurement ``SELECT'Time'``,``'s'

INSERT @UnitsOfMeasurement ``SELECT'Electric current'``,``'A'

SELECT * ``FROM@UnitsOfMeasurement

I have added single column on the report as shown in below screenshot:
The expression for the UnitsOfMeasurement column is as follows:

= Fields!Measurement.Value + ``" - "+ Fields!Units.Value




Read the rest here:

SSRS: Multi Font Color / Multi Font Size within a Single Field / Textbox



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