Merry Christmas 2012

They've all gone home for the holidays, and left ME holding the keys!


Do they know what they've done..?



This means I can tell you two top Microsoft secrets, and they should stay posted here for at least a few days, before anyone comes back from holiday and hides the truth!


Secret 1. I'm sure you heard the rumours, but it's true... Bill Gates reads every TechNet Wiki contribution, and sends chocolates to his favourite contributors!


Secret 2. Ed Price is Santa!

It's obvious really, there's only one man I know who gets that much done... (example)


Spread the love 

Wikis should support one another at this time of the year, so please take the time to consume and maybe even contribute to another lesser known wiki:

The Christmas Specials Wiki


Just for YOU

In honour of the hard work and so much goodness that has been contributed this year, I am pleased to announce that Microsoft has knitted Christmas jumpers for every TechNet Wiki Ninja stick man!


Take your pick...

What is a Ninja stick man? Link 1 - Link 2 


Final thought...

If this were Halloween, I'd be telling you that TechNet Wiki is an anagram for "I chew kitten".

Instead, more fitting for the kind of functions we are subjected to, at this time of year, I can tell you that it's also an anagram for "with necktie"!


Happy holidays from and to all the TechNet Wiki Ninjas!


Normal service will return tomorrow!


Best regards,

Pete Laker