Microsoft focuses on the cloud and the TechNet Wiki can help

Azure LogoIn late March 2018, Microsoft announced that it was changing its business model.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella outlined how Microsoft will operate with two major divisions - one focused on Experiences & Devices and the other on a Cloud + AI platform. With this shift, the Windows division becomes part of Experiences & Devices as client-server architecture gives way to the cloud.

This shakeup is a response to the speed of technological change facing Microsoft which sees this as a time of “tremendous opportunity for our customers, our partners — everyone. With all this new technology and opportunity comes a responsibility to ensure technology’s benefits reach people more broadly across society. It also requires that the technologies we create are trusted by the individuals and organizations that use them.”

With the focus on Azure, there is a tremendous need for intelligent cloud training materials. Professionals need to stay abreast of changes to both Azure and cloud computing. The TechNet Wiki houses excellent information on Microsoft Azure.

To find Wiki articles on Microsoft Azure, here are our different Azure pages:

And here is the Azure tag with thousands of Microsoft Azure cloud articles on the TechNet Wiki: Azure.

There is another blog that has a lot of Azure information you might use: Azure Development Community.

The TechNet Wiki also offers a resource for authors to share their cloud knowledge. If you have the knowledge to contribute, you can post articles on various Azure topics and have these posts listed in the portals above. To get started as a TechNet Wiki author, see this article: TechNet Wiki: Getting Started.

As Microsoft moves ahead with their new organizational structure, the TechNet Wiki is poised to be an excellent resource.

by Ken Cenerelli (Twitter ,   Blog ,   MSDN Profile ,   MVP Profile)