Part one: Sqlite on Windows Phone 8.1


In this first article, we will introduce you to a very important tool related to storing data permanently in the storage of our device. From developers, you know that the support to the storage of information which is settings or other data is very important. Currently, the Windows Runtime has not natively support the Database, but provides the ability to serialize / deserialize data in different formats: xml and json. Although very important and easy to use, and the disadvantage that all information must still be kept in memory at the expense of delays and impact on the performance of our application. For this reason, the return useful approach to the use of the database, and an excellent choice to resort to Sqlite. SQLite is an open source engine, created supported by SQLite Consortium supported by Windows Runtime thanks to compatibility with C ++. Written in C ++, provides excellent performance in terms of execution and perform any operation, working in disconnected mode data, unlike for example Sqlserver, where there is a service called DBMS for interaction with data. E-platform, then over Windows Phone Store, and is compatible with Windows Store, Android and other platforms. Finally, you can use some methods exstension Linq (Language Integrated Query), to be precise LinqToObject that we will see in the article. Until now, it was made a simple introduction on what and Sqlite, but for more details and explanations, refer to the official source   . In this article we will see in the order:

  • Installation of Engine of Sqlite
  • Creating the Project
  • Installation Sqlite-Net
  • Creation of the class for the Database
  • Data entry
  • Updating Data
  • Deleting Data
  • Other classes needed
  • Posting namespace needed
  • Architecture Compilation
  • Test the Application
  • Conclusion
  • Other Resources

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Happy reading to all!