Part one: the Nokia Maps on Windows Phone 8.

We continue our journey with geolocation services, but first we do small refresher of what we have discussed so far.

We started with the first article, which addressed in detail everything about the Geolocator. We've seen how geolocation services can be enabled to receive data on the user's location and how to get the latitude and longitude coordinates.

Subsequently, we delved into the ReverseGeocodeQuery class to convert latitude and longitude coordinates in an address, for those who have not had a chance to read its content it can be done by accessing this link .

In the next article, we have explored how the GeocodeQuery class, similar to the ReverseGeocodeQuery of the same, with the difference that in this case, we're going to convert an address into latitude and longitude coordinates.
Here's the link for those who haven't had the opportunity to read it.

After this brief introduction, we continue our journey and we will study ways to operate the control's main Nokia Maps available since version 8.0 for Windows Phone in three different articles.

In this we will study ways of functioning of the control.

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Happy reading, I hope it will be useful to all those who use the Nokia Maps control for your application :)