Please welcome our new mates.. and "Don't mess with [TAT]"..! 20 Contributors? Noooo - Yes Yes!

Hello WikiNinjas,

The Turkish Avengers Team (TAT) is growing and many Turkish contributors from all around the world want to join our community. We have contributors from Brussels, Dublin, Azerbaijan and Turkey. Impressive isn’t?

Our objective is to get 25 active members before the end of the year and we are not so far of that. Why 25? Well, I guess that – expect the English Community – no community has ever got 25 contributors on the WIKI. Our team has more than 20 active members and they are and will still contributing Turkish articles, Webcasts and Ebooks.

The TechNet Avengers team has not more than 1 goal. This goal cannot be done by only one member so creating a group was the best choice. All members who are listed here are chosen by they expertise and online community activities with the online TechNet Wiki community, by encouraging article creation/collaboration and raising awareness of the TechNet Wiki within Turkish community! 

Please join me to welcome our new teammates:

Mesut Yilmaz

Mesut Yilmaz - TAT's avatar

Ufuk Tatlidil

 Alper Yazgan

Alper Yazgan - TAT's avatar

Abdullah Kise

Abdullah Kise's avatar

Koray Düzgün

Koray_Düzgün's avatar

Okan Eke

Okan EKE's avatar

Ömer Taskin

Nihat Altinmakas

Nihat ALTINMAKAS's avatar

Current Contributors

Here's the list (chronologically ordered):

  1. Gokan Ozcifci - MVP (05/11/2013)
  2. Mehmet Parlakyigit-MTTC (05/11/2013)
  3. Asil Mutlu (05/11/2013)
  4. Yavuz Tasci (05/11/2013)
  5. Davut Eren (05/11/2013)
  6. Ugur Demir (22/11/2013)
  7. Elguc Yusifbeyli - MVP (29/11/2013)
  8. Hasan Dimdik (12/12/2013)
  9. Recep Yüksel-MTTC (12/12/2013)
  10. Faik Genc ( 11/1/2014)
  11. Alican Dökmen (05/02/2014)
  12. Mesut Yilmaz (05/02/2014)
  13. Ufuk Tatlidil  (01/07/2014)
  14. Alper Yazgan (01/07/2014)
  15. Abdullah Kise (01/07/2014)
  16. Koray Düzgün  (01/07/2014)
  17. Okan Eke (01/07/2014)
  18. Ömer Taskin (01/07/2014)

Former Contributors

Former contributors (they got busy; also in chronological order of when they started):

  1. Mucahid Akcay ( 29/11/2013)
  2. Ozgur Duranlioglu  (05/11/2013)
  3. Baris Aydogmusoglu (05/11/2013)
  4. Nihat Altinmakas     (05/11/2013)


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This community rocks! Thanks for having me!