Sunday Suprise - International Wiki Women's Day

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen;

This is my first time on the English Wiki Blog page. And I am happy to write an article about this valuable day. Women are important and valuable to us. Some of them contribute in TechNet Wiki. For this reason I celebrate women's day:

Wiki Women listed in alphabetical order.

Ana de Almeida
Andrielle Azevedo
Carla Sabotta
Heidi Steen
Jeannine Takaki
Kim Ditto
Margriet Bruggeman
Mandi Ohlinger
Maggie S
Monica Rush
Naomi N
Susan Bradley
Tiffena Kou

All women are special; let's celebrate!

Please leave a comment if we missed any of our Wiki Ninjettes! Please leave a link to their profiles!


Thank you for all the nice work done at Technet Wiki!

Turkish Wiki Ninja Davut