Sunday Surprise – Azure Management Libraries for .NET


Welcome everyone to our Sunday's surprise blog post. Today we are going to talk about Microsoft's latest management libraries for .NET. The Azure Management Libraries for .NET is very high level object oriented API for managing Azure resource. So if you think about managing Azure resources and you are already hands on with .NET it's simply your thing, Azure Management Libraries for.NET is available now and you can manage it all using it. Microsoft's official document states that,

The library is built on the lower-level, request-response style auto generated clients and can run side-by-side with auto generated clients.


Microsoft has published the road map for Azure Management Library that what features are available generally and what features are in preview with it it also tells you about the features in the pipeline for the future.  There are some features of API that really impressed me, e.g.

  • One statement to authenticate and choose a subscription.
  • Creation of NSG (Network Security Group)
  • Creation of Web App and SQL Database
  • Managing Azure Functions
  • Managing Linux - App Service  (Web Apps on Linux)

There are a lot of samples for you to learn and try them. To me it is an amazing update as the library is generally available and can be used in a production environment.


I hope you enjoyed today's post and would surely give this library a try. Do share your feedback about this library in the comments. Happy Sunday!



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