Sunday Surprise: Check your status and activity with TechNet Ninja Community Dojo!!

Welcome to another Sunday Weekend – Surprise!!!

Today, in this blog post, we are going to discuss about a great tool developed by Pete Laker, TechNet Ninja Community Dojo!!

Many times I received a mail or message or question to know about status TechNet Wiki Ninja Belt or list of Top Contributor Wins.

Hey Kamlesh, how can I know how many top contributors award I won?

Hey Kamlesh, I want to know how many TechNet Guru monthly awards I won.

Hey Kamlesh, Is there any way to identify how many mine articles are selected for featured articles ?

Hey Kamlesh, Please help to know the progress of my Ninja belt.


There are many articles available on TechNet wiki where you can find answers. But for that, you have to search hard. Also, there is no single place where you can get all this information.

BUT, what if we give you a single place to find all these details, where you can check your community progress,

  • MSDN/TechNet Profile Activity
  • MSDN/TechNet Profile Achievements
  • Interviews
  • Top Contributor Wins
  • TechNet Guru Wins
  • Featured Articles
  • Ninja Belt Progress

Yes, a single place where you can find all above details about your or other profiles.

So it's time to present a very cool and simple tool - the 'TechNet Ninja Community Dojo' by Pete Laker. I would like to say thank you Peter for you great effort on this, you build a another great tool for community. Yes, I underlined the word "another", because Pete Laker builds many tools which help me and other community bloggers data to generate various weekly or monthly posts. Thank you Peter :)

Alright! So now you have this tool and you want to check everything?

Then why are you waiting for me, go and check your profile progress!

Everything is well explained on the landing page, like how to find your TechNet Wiki profile number?


Please let me know in comment did you like this and how much did you love this tool?

Or if any suggestion or feedback please let me know.



And the party not yet over!

We have some more cool stuff in this tool... what's that ?

  • Top 100 TechNet Wiki Ninjas (by points)
  • TechNet Wiki Ninjas who are also MVPs!
  • Profile Progress

Ohhhh yeah.. this is very informative to know more about our profile Leaders and Ninja MVPs. So from the second section, you can check our top 100 TechNet Wiki Ninjas information - this list is generated by points. And from 3rd section, you can check our TechNet Wiki Ninajs MVPs - we have around 60+ TechNet Wiki Ninjas and the count is always increasing...

Check this great tool now! Pete is always working on it, to add more cool stuff for the community. So TechNet Wiki family can use this to track their own progress. Another important thing - if you are nominating your or anther's name for MVP, then here you can get much details to add to your nomination.

Keep contributing, keep reading... and of course keep in touch!!

Please check this article on linkedin by Peter Laker :)


— Ninja Kamlesh