Sunday Surprise: Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 Microsoft Azure continues to evolve as it adds new features and updates to the Azure Portal. Professionals need to stay abreast of changes to both Azure and cloud computing. Fortunately, there’s a way to find out what’s new in Azure.

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Bootcamp Overview

Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 is a “free one-day global training event on Azure, from the community to the community”. According to the website, each “user group will organize their own one-day deep dive class on Azure.” Each event is driven by local Microsoft Azure community enthusiasts and experts and comprises technical content, sessions, and labs. The result is thousands of people learn about Azure and anyone in the technology community can advance their cloud knowledge.

This year’s event takes place on Saturday, April 21, 2018. With approximately five weeks to go before the event, organizers already have 210 confirmed locations and 35 pending for 245 events worldwide. Last year’s bootcamp had 254 events worldwide, all on the same day.

Global Azure Bootcamp is celebrating its sixth year in 2018. While sponsors, like Microsoft, support the initiative the event is independent and community-driven. The goal is to show people the benefits of Microsoft Azure while strengthening the Azure community.

How To Get Involved?

There are several ways you can support Global Azure Bootcamp 2018.

  • Organize an event in your community. The deadline for event registration is Friday, April 6, 2018. To find out more information, see the Organizers FAQ Page.
  • Volunteer at a community event. If you know Azure, offer to help at an existing event by speaking or proctoring. On the day of the event, assist with setup, registration, or clean-up.
  • Sponsor a local event. Chances are any local event would welcome sponsors. Reach out to local organizers about sponsoring them.
  • Attend a community event. Events are happening all over the world on April 21st. Show your support by registering for an event. Use the map or search box on the Locations page to find one near you.
  • Promote the event. Tell your social networks Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 is happening. Include the social hashtag #GlobalAzure when talking about the event on Twitter and like their Facebook page.

Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 is set to be another great worldwide community event. Get involved and help support the Azure community in your country. And as we approach April 21, please look for opportunities to write TechNet Wiki articles and to encourage other community members to contribute too!

by Ken Cenerelli (Twitter ,   Blog ,   MSDN Profile ,   MVP Profile)