Sunday Surprise - Introducing new Transact-SQL eBook!

Good Sunday to you all,

As you may all remember, at the end of November Gokan Ozcifci published this blog post First TechNet Wiki Ninjas eBook: "The Wiki Ninjas Guide to SharePoint 2013". I really liked the idea of creating that book and immediately thought that we may want to follow this great initiative and create a Transact-SQL e-book. I added a comment to that blog post and was very pleasantly surprised a few days later by being contacted by Saeid Hasani who offered his help in book preparation.

So, I decided I'll take a role of the boss and let Saeid work on preparing the book :) which he did splendidly. Several weeks later we were discussing this new e-book in Skype Group and when Durval Ramos heard about our plans with the book, he got very excited about the idea and also joined our team.

UPDATE. After we published the first version of this eBook we found that two articles were inadvertently missing. So we added them back and published the eBook again. At this stage Ronen Ariely joined our team and helped us to fix all the Guest Authors profiles to be direct links.  

So, now I am very happy to introduce our first Transact-SQL eBook which is created by combining many great SQL Server articles in TechNet Wiki.

This eBook now consists of 51 articles written by 18 authors! Special thanks to all the TechNet Wiki Community authors who contributed articles in this eBook:

You can also find the alphabetical list of authors on the Gallery download page: Transact-SQL by TechNet Wiki Community

I hope you will enjoy this book, which you can Download here (click on the link).

Happy reading!