Sunday Surprise: Microsoft User Groups

 It has been a little while since this blog has written about Microsoft User Groups. I am huge fan of user groups and I currently belong to about six in my area. As well, I am the co-organizer of my local .NET user group.

An active user group is a community of like-minded professionals who come together to better themselves. Sure, you can watch training videos or read blogs to understand new technologies. But I feel that user groups still have a place in the way we learn. They are a great space to meet new people, gain friends, and also expand your professional network. Many user group members find jobs through the connections they make at a user group.

In the past, the TechNet Wiki has tried to track user groups centered on Microsoft technologies. The project was started by Craig Lussier. He created the Microsoft User Groups Portal with multiple subpages to house each user group listing by technology. For example, you can find pages for .NET, Azure, SharePoint, and SQL Server.

Many of the pages have not been touched in quite a while and could use a refresh. So, this blog post is a call to action. If you belong to a Microsoft user group, check the relevant technology subpage and see if it is listed. If it is, make sure the details are correct. If it is not, why not add it?

If I have peaked your curiosity about Microsoft user groups, use some of the organization links below to find one in your area:

  • And if you know of any other organizations that list Microsoft User Groups, please add a link in the comments below.

by Ken Cenerelli (TwitterBlogProfile)