Sunday Surprise: TechNet Wiki and Football

Wiki Ninja Soccer PlayerThose that follow international football (soccer) know that two major tournaments are on right now. So, for this Sunday Surprise, I thought it might be fun to link the TechNet Wiki to what is going on in the world of football.

The Copa America Centenario is celebrating the 100-year history of this tournament with teams from North, Central, and South America. The tournament is the oldest continental football competition in the world. It is being hosted in the United States which makes it the first time it has been conducted outside North America. The final game of the tournament takes place this evening between Argentina and Chile.

A similar tournament is taking place in France called UEFA Euro 2016. This competition has the 24 best teams from around Europe. It began in 1960 and in that time both Germany and Spain have each won the tournament 3 times. The host country France has won it twice.


These football competitions are similar to the TechNet Wiki in they reflect the global nature of our site. Many of the team members play league football around the world but come together once every four years to represent their nation. The same can be said for the Wiki. We share our Microsoft knowledge individually but once a month we are aggregated into groups by language through the Friday International Update.

Reviewing the last International Community Update from May 2016, we can see that all corners of the world are working on the Wiki. Although English leads all languages, both Portuguese and Spanish are well represented which is also true for the Copa America. On the European side, again Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, and German are all spoken by teams playing in Euro 2016.

So, even though we may not be playing football for our nations this summer, when you write your Wiki articles think about how you are representing your nation. And, Forza Azzurri!!

by Ken Cenerelli (TwitterBlogMSDN ProfileMVP Profile)