Sunday Surprise: The TechNet Wiki and what it is NOT

Whit the new fresh start of 2016, I'm quickly jumping in with an extra surprise post.

But before I kick off, allow me to wish everyone Best Wishes for 2016, lots of success on the TNWiki and a productive year of Wiki articles and blogs!

As before, I'm focusing on the TechNet Wiki governance... (yes, the bad guy that keeps rubbing your nose in the Rules and Guidelines on the TechNet Wiki...)

Instead of dumping the lists of guidelines again, this time I rather provide you with a top 5 of items that the TechNet Wiki IS NOT.

[REPRHASE: what are the most frequent violations we need to act on, as administrators, as community, as Wiki Ninjas...]

You can figure out the rest your self, right?

1. TechNet Wiki is NOT A BLOG

TechNet Wiki is a WIKI in first place, to stimulate and allow community cooperation.
I almost said there is no 'I' in Wiki... but there is (so forget that phrase)... more important Wiki first of starts with "W" as in "We", not "U".
It's key to write your articles in 3rd person, an open format that allows the community to work on it with you.

2. TechNet Wiki is NOT a PERSONAL BLOG

Wiki first of starts with "W" as in "We", not "U"

YOU DO NOT OWN the content on TechNet Wiki, the community does.
BUT YOU DO GET the credits.

3. TechNet Wiki is NOT a link-through VIDEO PLATFORM 

It's essential to add essential, searchable content to the TechNet Wiki... Step by step descriptions on the TechNet Wiki are great value.

4. TechNet Wiki must not be used to DUPLICATE or PIRATE content

Supported by international legislations, Terms Of use of the community platforms, the rules & guidelines of TechNet Wiki...

In short: DO NOT POST content you DO NOT OWN.

5. TechNet Wiki is NOT a NEWS and MARKETING platform.

Short term value message, single point of view articles, product marketing articles should not be posted on TechNet Wiki....

Pretty neat list to put in your New Year's resolutions, right?

Welcome to another year of TechNet Wiki... it's going to be very exciting!