TechNet Guru Competition Winners 2016

Hello everyone! Welcome back once again in Tuesday – TNWiki Article. This time we have a list of TechNet Guru Competition Winners 2016. Please join me to congrats Gurus and those participants who posted their articles on TechNet Wiki. Good Job!!!

The TechNet Guru Contribution is a monthly competition that provides a chance to all members of the community to contribute great articles in the categories of their choice. Each month people who post an article to TechNet Wiki can propose their article for consideration in that month's awards. The top three articles each month win a "virtual" gold, silver or bronze award. This article lists all people winning medals in that competition year 2016.

Note: This article is listed all top three articles winner but we really appreciate other participant and their articles who not reached to top 3. This was a very good year and we found some new Gurus in all category. Wish you all the best for year 2017.

How to Find article information

The winner list is split over a number of categories. All category have top 3 winners for each month and we can find the article details once click on winner's name.

First 6 Months (Q1 and Q2 2016)

Gold Steef-Jan Wiggers Steef-Jan Wiggers Johns-305 Eldert Grootenboer Kjetil Tonstad SMSVikasK
Silver Steef-Jan Wiggers Eldert Grootenboer Eldert Grootenboer SMSVikasK Eldert Grootenboer Johns-305
Bronze Janardhan Bikka lanax Lex Hegt Sandro Pereira SMSVikasK SMSVikasK
Forefront Identity Manager Gold Peter Geelen Jeff Ingalls Jeff Ingalls Jeff Ingalls Peter Geelen
Silver Jeff Ingalls Wim Beck Peter Geelen
Bronze Peter Geelen
Microsoft Azure Gold Chilberto Steef-Jan Wiggers Emiliano Musso Sandro Pereira Bhushan Gawale Dileepa Kariyawasam
Silver Steef-Jan Wiggers XAML Guy Samir Farhat Bhushan Gawale Sibeesh Venu Chervine
Bronze Samir Farhat Kia Zhi Tang Janshair Khan Sandro Pereira Michel Jatobá
Miscellaneous Gold Namrah Khurram Geetanjali Arora SYEDSHANU Namrah Khurram Chilberto SYED SHANU
Silver SYEDSHANU Gaurav Kumar Arora Santhakumar Munuswamy SYED SHANU Carmelo La Monica Santhakumar Munuswamy
Bronze João Sousa SYEDSHANU Carmelo La Monica Janshair Khan Dileepa Kariyawasam
SharePoint 2010 / 2013 Gold Nathanaël Stassart Nathanaël Stassart Nathanaël Stassart Dan Christian Waqas Sarwar
Silver Dan Christian Rakhi Jain Waqas Sarwar Waqas Sarwar Waqas Sarwar
Bronze Rahul A Shinde TenPart Nathanaël Stassart Vivek JAGGA Waqas Sarwar
Small Basic Gold Nonki Takahashi Ed Price Yvan Leduc Nonki Takahashi Philip Munts Nonki Takahashi
Silver Ed Price Nonki Takahashi Nonki Takahashi Nonki Takahashi Deva
Bronze Ed Price
SQL BI & Power BI Gold Greg Deckler Vinay Manikanda Greg Deckler Greg Deckler Greg Deckler Thomas LeBlanc
Silver Visakh16 Greg Deckler Anil Maharjan Sudeep Raj
Bronze Greg Deckler Jens Vestergaard
SQL Server General & Database Engine Gold FLauffer FLauffer Chervine Chervine Hezequias Vasconcelos
Silver Florent Duret FLauffer Shanky FLauffer
System Center Gold Jose R. Esposito Darren Joyce vishwanatham sridhar Digvijay S Rajawat
Silver Adin Ermie Anders Rodland C Sharp Conner
Bronze Anders Rodland C Sharp Conner
Transact-SQL Gold Natig Gurbanov Olaf Helper Diegoctn Natig Gurbanov
Silver Natig Gurbanov
Universal Windows Apps Gold George Chondrompilas Manuel Cota Ravindra Singh Chhabra Namrah Khurram Carmelo La Monica
Silver Magnus (MM8) Manisha Biswas Manuel Cota Santhakumar Munuswamy
Bronze Ravindra Singh Chhabra Sajid Ali Khan Damien Allan
Visual Basic Gold Emiliano Musso .paul. .paul. Emiliano Musso .paul.
Silver .paul. SYEDSHANU .paul.
Bronze .paul.
Visual C# Gold SYEDSHANU SYEDSHANU Sibeesh Venu Sibeesh Venu Emiliano Musso Emiliano Musso
Silver Emiliano Musso Emiliano Musso SYED SHANU SYED SHANU Sabah Shariq
Bronze Brian Seekford Sibeesh Venu Sibeesh Venu Sibeesh Venu
Wiki and Portals Gold PITUACH Ed Price Richard Mueller Peter Geelen Carsten Siemens
Silver Nonki Takahashi Ed Price Peter Geelen
Bronze Peter Geelen
Windows PowerShell Gold Sergey Vdovin Pierre-Alexandre Braeken VGSandz VGSandz Matt McNabb Richard Mueller
Silver Chen V Richard Mueller Arleta Wanat Prashanth Jayaram
Bronze Digvijay S Rajawat
Windows Presentation Foundation Gold Andy ONeill Andy ONeill Andy ONeill
Silver Brian Seekford
Windows Server Gold Richard Mueller Kia Zhi Tang Nathanaël Stassart Nathanaël Stassart Kia Zhi Tang Ryen Tang
Silver Kia Zhi Tang Mahdi Tehrani Kia Zhi Tang Avendil
Bronze Mahdi Tehrani Kia Zhi Tang

Last 6 Months (Q3 and Q4 2016)

BizTalk Gold Kjetil Tonstad Johns-305 Mandar Dharmadhikari Mandar Dharmadhikari Eldert Grootenboer Giri Abhay
Silver Mandar Dharmadhikari Chilberto Kjetil Tonstad Johns-305 Rachit Sikroria
Bronze Rahul Madaan lanax Johns-305 Kjetil Tonstad
Forefront Identity Manager Gold Jeff Ingalls Peter Geelen Peter Geelen Jeff Ingalls Wim Beck Peter Geelen
Silver Peter Geelen AnirbanSingha C Blackburn Wim Beck Jeff Ingalls
Bronze Wim Beck Peter Geelen Peter Geelen
Microsoft Azure Gold Kia Zhi Tang Kia Zhi Tang Bhushan Gawale Bhushan Gawale Steef-Jan Wiggers Abhishek kumar
Silver Eldert Grootenboer Chilberto Rahul_Madaan Marcin Policht Bhushan Gawale Steef-Jan Wiggers
Bronze Bhushan Gawale Bhushan Gawale Steef-Jan Wiggers Chervine Ken Cenerelli
Miscellaneous Gold Ronen Ariely & Sabah Shariq Dileepa Kariyawasam Santhakumar Munuswamy Sandeep Shekhawat Vincent Maverick Durano Hassaan Akbar
Silver Ken Cenerelli Sandeep Shekhawat Dileepa Kariyawasam Santhakumar Munuswamy Peter Geelen SYED SHANU
Bronze SYEDSHANU SYED SHANU Sandeep Shekhawat Gaurav Kumar Arora Emiliano Musso Sandeep Shekhawat
SharePoint 2010 / 2013 Gold Amjad Khan SharePoint Geetanjali Arora Rakhi Jain Michaelle de las Alas Hezequias Vasconcelos Priyaranjan KS
Silver Shantha Kumar T Dan Christian Keval Solanki Shantha Kumar T Nico Martens Sjoukje Zaal
Bronze Waqas Sarwar Waqas Sarwar Geetanjali Arora Vivek Jagga Waqas Sarwar Waqas Sarwar
Small Basic Gold Nonki Takahashi Nonki Takahashi Nonki Takahashi Nonki Takahashi Ed Price
Silver Deva Ed Price Ed Price
Bronze Nonki Takahashi
SQL BI & Power BI Gold Thomas LeBlanc Priyaranjan KS
Silver Priyaranjan KS
SQL Server General & Database Engine Gold Prashanth Jayaram Uwe Ricken Prashanth Jayaram Prashanth Jayaram Kia Zhi Tang Prashanth Jayaram
Silver Prashanth Jayaram Prashanth Jayaram Prashanth Jayaram Vincent Maverick Durano
Bronze Prashanth Jayaram
System Center Gold sridhar vishwanatham sridhar vishwanatham Nick Hogarth Stoyan Chalakov Nick Hogarth
Silver Nick Hogarth C Sharp Conner
Transact-SQL Gold Ronen Ariely Ronen Ariely Priyaranjan KS
Silver RajeeshMenoth
Universal Windows Apps Gold Santhakumar Munuswamy Carmelo La Monica Vinoth Rajendran SYED SHANU Hassaan Akbar
Silver Ravindra Singh Chhabra Vinoth Rajendran
Bronze Timothé Larivière
Visual Basic Gold .paul. Hussain Shahbaz Khawaja .paul.
Silver .paul.
Visual C# Gold SYEDSHANU Sandeep Shekhawat Syed Shanu Sibeesh Venu Vincent Maverick Durano Emiliano Musso
Silver Sandeep Shekhawat Sabah Shariq Santhakumar Munuswamy João Sousa Syed Shanu Sandeep Shekhawat
Bronze Karthik Elumalai Sibeesh Venu Sandeep Shekhawat Sandeep Shekhawat Hansamali Vincent Maverick Durano
Wiki and Portals Gold Peter Geelen Peter Geelen Peter Geelen Peter Geelen Ed Price
Silver SYED SHANU Ronen Ariely
Bronze Peter Geelen
Windows PowerShell Gold Prashanth Jayaram Maor Bracha Kia Zhi Tang Prashanth Jayaram Prashanth Jayaram Priyaranjan KS
Silver Arleta Wanat Prashanth Jayaram Prashanth Jayaram Peter Geelen Priyaranjan KS
Bronze Maor Bracha Mandar Dharmadhikari Prashanth Jayaram
Windows Presentation Foundation Gold Magnus (MM8) Magnus (MM8) Magnus (MM8)
Windows Server Gold Peter Geelen Burak Ugur Kia Zhi Tang Carsten Siemens
Silver Kia Zhi Tang

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PS: Today’s banners come from Kamlesh Kumar! kamleshkumar_banner_18

Congratulations to all award winners and wish you all the best for 2017!

— Ninja Kamlesh