TechNet Wiki Authors release eBook on BizTalk Server Extensibility

A new eBook on BizTalk Server Extensibility has been published through the BizTalk360 website. It has been written by Eldert Grootenboer, Johann Cooper and Steef-Jan Wiggers and reviewed by Sandro Pereira, Mark Brimble and James Corbould. The authors and reviewers are active community members in the TechNet Wiki (BizTalk articles) and/or BizTalk Forums. 

Th authors discussed opportunities of writing a book for a well-known publisher. Unfortunately a deal never materialized and they started to think about other options. The initial thought was to create a white paper on BizTalk Server Extensibility as this didn’t have the attention we though it should have. They felt the .NET framework empowers BizTalk Server in a very valuable way, if applied with thought. On the TechNet Wiki you find other examples demonstrating that like instrumenting your solution for logging and/or tracing purposes leveraging Event Tracing for Windows:

This eBook goes hand in hand with the BizTalk resources on the Technet Wiki as many information and samples in the book reference Wiki Articles. The 300+ articles currently available are a rich library that empowers other people to create more information like in this eBook. The authors and reviewers of this eBook contribute to the TechNet Wiki or endorse in various channels. And it shows that after almost 5 years since 2011 that the TechNet Wiki has evolved into a mature collaboration platform.

Enjoy reading it the eBook and TechNet Wiki articles of your interest,