TechNet Wiki Magazine 14th Edition | IoT, SharePoint, Power BI, Entity Framework, AngularJS and many more…

Exciting news for the Community… finally the 14th edition of TechNet Wiki Magazine (or February 2016 Edition) has just been released, once again, with a major number of new articles!

This edition includes topics such as:

  • TechNet Wiki Ninjas, TechNet Wiki Life
  • IoT, BizTalk Server
  • SharePoint, Office365, PowerShell
  • C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, WPF, Entity Framework, AngularJS and MVC
  • SQL and Power BI
  • And many many more…

In an amazing total of ~70 new articles!!

To be the spotlight article in the cover of this edition, I choose “VB.NET: Making a Space Invaders game using a DataTable and DataGridView"… arcade is back!


Stay tuned for next editions! The magazine will get better and better because soon our next releases will be published with new content.

You can find the TechNet Wiki Magazine in Flipboard in your favorite device from Apple (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows 8, and so on… or simply through the Internet browser at:\@sandroasp/technet-wiki-magazine-9aslh6v4y


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