TechNet Wiki: Microsoft Integration Stack

What is the story on Microsoft's Integration Stack and how important is the role of the TechNet Wiki? Over the years the Microsoft integration stack has grown from on-premise technologies and products like BizTalk Server, WCF Services, SQL Server Integration Services, Host Integration Server, Windows Server AppFabric, Line of Business (LOB) Adapters, to cloud technologies like Windows Azure Service Bus, Message Queues and Topics, and Windows Azure Service Bus EAI/EDI Labs. All these Microsoft technologies and products can play a part when it comes to creating integration solutions. You can develop solution that connect with a mainframe, Line of Business systems (SAP, Oracle eBusiness Suite), WCF services, cloud applications and so on.

For integration architects, developers and consultants the number of choices increases with the cloud and Microsoft adaption through Windows Azure. Now one can design, create and advice on-premise, cloud and hybrid integration solutions using a wide range of technologies of Microsoft's Integration stack. Guidance can be found through MSDN, books, blogs, article and the TechNet Wiki. On wiki you will find numerous articles concerning the Microsoft Integration Stack:

The above links are just a few of many resources you can find on TechNet Wiki. There is so much you can find on integration through the TechNet wiki that it plays an essential role for finding information. I myself and I believe many others benefit from the wealth of information found in wiki article concerning integration. The articles are contributed and edited by people from community and Microsoft, which makes them a high quality resource. Since the TechNet Wiki is a strong platform for knowledge sharing through collaboration of people sharing common interest. In this context it is integration. In future we will see more articles as integration stack of Microsoft keeps evolving.

Now I like to end this story with following popular phrase: "Go check out all the wonder, and dive in! The Wiki's warm" .

- Ninja Steef-Jan (Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Profile)