The Imagine Cup

Of course we have our own TechNet Wiki Guru contest where I participate in judging recent Wiki articles. This is great fun, and I appreciate that people take the time and effort to create something to help and inform others. Even for the Wiki articles that don't turn out to be so great, I always appreciate the fact that someone shares knowledge. This is a great thing, and I fully enjoy being involved in that.

The judging thing is kinda addictive and this year I've been asked to be one of the judges of the Imagine Cup and I happily said yes ( This is a contest sponsored by Microsoft and students all over the world are allowed to pitch an idea about a software app or web site and defend different aspects about the implementation of that idea. I've looked at my share of the applications and the participants literally live all over the world, in places like Canada, Nepal, and Brazil. I've looked at proposals about exciting software helping visually impaired people, illiteracy, prevent people from drowning, and completely different topics. Btw, me mentioning these specific topics in no way reflects my preferences regarding the applications.

If you think this is an interesting competition, follow the Imagine Cup web site because pretty soon we will know who will be this year's winner. If you're a student, see if you want to participate next year!