The Microsoft Integration Stack Today!

The Microsoft Integration Stack is not an official acronym for a set of products, services and technology set by Microsoft. However, Microsoft offers a collection of products, services and technology targeted for integration. BizTalk Server is a messaging product with a wide range of connectivity options by its rich adapter set, powerful transformation capabilities and orchestration engine. And there is Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) embraced by BizTalk, adopted as preferred way for building services, and popular amongst .NET developers.

On premise one has BizTalk and WCF, in the cloud a wide range of services are available in Microsoft Azure. These services are categorized in the Hybrid Integration and Web & Mobile.

Above the mentioned services in Microsoft categorized as “Hybrid Integration”. And in the TechNet Wiki one can find more information in the following landing pages:

In Microsoft Azure more integration related service such as API Apps, Logic Apps and API Management can be found. Labeled under the Web & Mobile category, they are suitable service to accomplish integration solutions within Azure.

In the TechNet Wiki one can find more information in the following landing page:

The product, services and technology Microsoft offers today is expanding and evolving fast. The Azure services are maturing and can be leveraged on an enterprise scale.

Now I like to finish this story with following popular phrase:  "Go check out all the wonder, and dive in! The Wiki's warm" . This applies after a couple of years the Wiki has been active!

- Ninja Steef-Jan (BlogWikiTwitterProfile)