Thursday - Council Spotlight: Wiki Governance, Copyright, Privacy & Piracy

At the TechNet Wiki we're fighting a continuous battle to maintain the Wiki in good shape, to keep the community and platform within legal limits.

Of course we do have a set of TechNet Wiki Governance guidelines, built on best practices and specific rules on terms of use.

So every Wiki Ninja should be aware of these guidelines and act on it.

Still we see a lot of issues with piracy, personalized content, articles with a personal blog style and articles with a short term value (announcements).

The key landing page on this matter is the Wiki: Governance and Guidelines Portal.

But I wanted to highlight a top 5 of key articles:

And just to show you, this is NOT specific for TechNet Wiki, I stumbled into some useful links worth to share.

Just as an extra, I recently added a guideline on publishing videos on TNWiki: Wiki Governance: Guideline on Publishing Videos.

[EDIT, 21/mar/2015]

You should also bookmark following articles if you need more in depth assistance on avoiding piracy: