TN Wiki Widget, Windows 8, ARM, Certification

In our quest to create the perfect wiki tool, random entries pepper the ninja blogs, highlighting some of the successes and road blocks encountered along the way.


As the holiday season approaches and the world wakes up to superior technology (Windows 8) so does the download rate of the TechNet Wiki Widget (TNWW). H owever, it now seems that at least one problem (maybe two) was preventing phone users and [possibly] some counties from finding the Widget on their devices!


ARM processors

Since the release of Windows 8 Tablets like the sexy Surface, the Marketplace has changed, diversified. We must now publish separate builds for x86, x64 AND ARM processors.

All the packages get uploaded together for the application, and I dutifully did so last night (Tuesday 18th Dec).

I am not sure what happens to the 1054+ people who have already installed the original "AnyCPU" build, I assume their version will simply be replaced by the processor specific version.

Also, by including ARM processors, TNWW will face many other tests to ensure it performs well enough on a lower powered ARM chip.

Past releases have taken exactly 7 days to go through, then even a couple more days for it to propagate out to the regional Marketplaces.

If you're using Windows 8 Phone, that's another story, to come soon. 


Rating Certificates

For Microsoft to make games available to some countries, it must provide specific certification, provided by recognised certification boards, which in the case of Brazil is "DJCTQ".

Although I didn't think this was relevant to TNWW, a recent comment by Caio Vilas Boas made me wonder otherwise...

Here is the specific page from the App submission process:


(Click it for full size version)


So as you see, there are restrictions for certain countries, but only for games.

I am hoping Caio, that your issue was the ARM processor issue above, as you didn't state what platform you were using?

Otherwise, we will have to investigate this rating issue further, and either get my App unregistered as a game, or (with your help) navigate the Brazilian ratings board website...



The quest continues.

We live, and we learn.