TNWiki Article Spotlight – Cortana Intelligence Suite Resources on the TechNet Wiki

Welcome to the TechNet Wiki Tuesday – TNWiki Article Spotlight.
Approaching the end of 2017, the question i've run into in thinking about a great post to propose to the community was «What will be the must have skills and knowledge for the new year?». Pretty trivial answer: «IA, Machine Learning, Big Data and Analytics» - to mention the ones which jumped first on my mind.

TechNet Wiki is a great portal for useful resources about those subjects, as many great authors share their knowledge with the technical community. And today i will suggest an article authored by Kjetil Tonstad, which you can reach at his blog,

Cortana Intelligence Suite Resources on the TechNet Wiki, his article, is a great sum-up of the functionalities and tools offered by Cortana Intelligence Suite, which - as its stated in the article itself - is a fully managed big data and advanced analytics suite to transform data into intelligent action. It contains several technologies, mainly available in Microsoft Azure.

I think that article is a must read (and, why not, a post to contribute to), because it contains so many links about the technologies offered by Azure, divided by categories, starting from introduction to detailed articles about each one. In fact, more than a single article, we are talking about an handy summary to deepen your knowledge and starting sharpen your skill for challenges to come.

Having received the Gold Medal in the TechNet monthly competition, and having reached the critical mass of views about a month ago, are clear signals of the quality and importance of those resources, as well as an increasing interest by the community.

So, without further ado, here the link at which you can check the article:

Thank you for reading, and have a great Tuesday!

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