TNWiki Article Spotlight - Generic Type Parameters And Dynamic Types

It's the day of the week, that Wiki Ninjas write a post highlighting a TechNet Wiki article.
And I am so excited, as I will be writing that particular post today and most importantly, this will be my first ever article on one of the Microsoft's blogs.

So let's see what have we got for today's TNWiki Article Spotlight.
It's C#: Generic Type Parameters And Dynamic Types from Magnus (MM8).

This article was initially published on October 2014 and has won the Silver medal in last October's Microsoft TechNet Guru Awards, under Visual C# category.

Generics are one of the oldest features in .NET framework as it was introduced with .NET Framework 2.0 and this article is demonstrating a very good approach to achieve how we can use generics with a type parameter T which will be resolved at run time. The article is short and to the point, and has some good code snippets explaining things on the go. I am sure, you will not feel bored while you are reading the article.

You can read the full article from the following link.

C#: Generic Type Parameters And Dynamic Types

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