TNWiki Article Spotlight - Integration Product Options on the Microsoft Platform

Integration of systems, applications and services can be done in various ways. If you look at the Microsoft stack you will find several technologies and products that enable you to build an integration solution. In such a solution you tie things together to support for instance a business process: process a request for a driver permit.

Microsoft offers a wide variety of technologies and products that are enablers for integration solutions like BizTalk (including the ESB Toolkit), AppFabric (WCF, WF, Cache), SQL Server Integration Services, Windows Azure Services Bus, Windows Azure BizTalk Services and so on. It is not just Microsoft there are other vendors that offer technology that be used in conjunction with what Microsoft has to offer.

Questions that you might ask yourself is what is out there, what can I potentially use for my integration solution and/or where can I find resources, what are the benefits or disadvantages, and so on. You can find answers to these questions if you read the newest added article on the TechNet Wiki: Integration Product Options on the Microsoft Platform.

This article has been written by Charlie Mott, who has in the past written some extensive and very valuable articles for the TechNet Wiki like BizTalk: Enterprise Integration Patterns and BizTalk: List of Custom Pipeline Components. Charlie describes in this article what the product/technology is designed for, what it is not recommended for and where you can find resources. Basically this article can aid you in choosing the right technology/product or combination of to build a 'fit for purpose' integration solution. Well done and I would invite the community to take a look at it!

So go check out all the wonder, and dive in! The Wiki's warm.

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