TNWIKI - Article Spotlight - Monitoring .NET Applications

Hello Community Technet!

Today I will talk about the TechNet article on how to monitor and test your .NET applications.

I decided to talk about this post, because in the Application Lifecycle Management at Microsoft event, I realized that there is much emphasis on web and mobile applications, but there are still many companies that create applications that run as services, processes, Windows Forms, Database.

But Microsoft gives full support to these applications, and the article below, sound just a tool that integrates Microsoft Development and Operations, helping to test applications of these types.

ALM - DevOps - NET Application Monitoring with System Center

Author: Alan Nascimento Carlos

Support (English): Monitoring .NET Applications and Blog Microsoft ALM

The Portal TechNet Wiki has a lot of material to help develop, test and operate their applications, both on-mode with premisses in Microsoft Azure, including monitor their mobile applications using the AppInsights for free!


Alan Carlos
Technet Wiki Ninja Brazil