TNWiki Article Spotlight - Windows Azure Survival Guide

Hello and welcome everybody to our TNWiki Article Spotlight on Tuesday.

Everyone loves survival guides! Are you sure? Of course, and because everyone loves them I have another one for you today.

Windows Azure is currently one of the most used and fastest growing technologies coming from Microsoft. Regardless if you're an IT-Pro or a developer Windows Azure offers something for everybody. Because it is a fast growing technology/platform it is hard to keep up with the news. To get started I recommend the Windows Azure Survival Guide to you. This article contains links to virtual labs, blogs, e-books, forums, videos, etc.

But in my opinion it is not enough to just go through the content of the article. You should also contribute helpful articles and resources to it. If you have a link for developing Azure applications with PHP, setting up virtual networks, or something different ... just add quickly a link to it.

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, Blog, Profile)