Top 10 Wiki Ninjas of the Week - Ana Paula de Almeida contributes articles for Microsoft Certifications!

Welcome to Friday's Top Wiki Ninjas of the Week!

Let's see who our Top 10 Ninjas were this week:

Well, there's me. I'm not going to just let you folks have it for free. =^)

Check out this video interview that Tony Soper did with me for this blog.

In second place, we have our previously featured friend, Luigi Bruno (MCC). Third is also previously featured, Fernando Lugao Veltam (MCC).

So today we're featuring Ana Paula de Almeida, who takes the #4 spot from Abraao Marques by only one edit!

Congrats to everyone! Let's take a look at what Ana Paula's been up to...


Ana Paula de Almeida

First, I have to say that I'm very impressed with the Portuguese community! You see, they're basically writing up these articles to help each other prepare for various exams for Microsoft certifications! It's all part of a "Survival Guide for Microsoft Certifications" that Luciano Lima (MVP) is helping drive. Their desire to help each other succeed in their knowledge and passion for Microsoft products is admirable and just plain astonishing.

Here are some of Ana Paula's articles for that purpose:

Ana is our second featured Ninjette! In honor of that, here again is the Ninjette stick figure:

Have a fantastic Christmas! Yes, even merry!


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