Top Contributors - Windows Trust, Migration, AGUDLP, ADMT, Slow Boots and Slow Logons (SBSL), Windows Server 2012, エディターの利用

Here is the weekly analysis of contributions to TechNet Wiki over the last week (Fri-Sat)

Firstly, here is the usual weekly leader board snapshot:


Due to some irregularities in the way contributions are recorded, and the wiki stats are auto-generated, I run my own crawl of the actual changes. Then I follow up with a manual check, to discount some of the contributions, as shown below.


Despite this being Christmas week, we still have plenty of great contributions to mention, so with no further delay, here are the results of a two hour crawl over the updated articles feed.

Note, this currently only highlights CHANGES to documents, and does not yet include the new articles feed, which I plan to incorporate in future awards.


Most Revisions Award  Who has made the most individual revisions


yottun8 takes first place with 24 revisions over 15 articles. This tally includes some excellent policing work, removing plagiarized content and spam

i.biswajith comes in second, with 19 revisions over 3 articles. Some good work improving his already awesome content.

Adriel Gavazza is in third, with 13 revisions over 10 articles.


Most Articles Updated Award   Who has updated the most articles


yottun8 is first with 15 articles

Adriel Gavazza is second, with 10 articles.

Richard Mueller is third with 5 articles


Most Updated Article Award  Largest amount of updated content in a single article


This award can work two ways. Either it can mean the most content added or the most content removed.

This week, yottun8 wins the award for removing the most content - a large chunk of plagiarized text, that was lifted from another source.

Good policing work yottun8. We are all very proud of the reputation of TechNet Wiki, and such plagiarism is not wanted.


It is therefore worth mentioning the second place in this category, which is one of the documents i.biswajith has been working hard on - Windows Trust, Migration, AGUDLP & ADMT

Although most of the changes were last week (21st) his work on the 22nd put this document into the awards for this week. Another great resource, examined closer in another award below.


Longest Article Award   Biggest article updated this week


This week, the longest document to receive significant changes was Tools for Troubleshooting Slow Boots and Slow Logons (sbsl)

A very useful article created by Justin Hall MSFT documenting troubleshooting experiences of Microsoft Support.

The last edit by rüdiger itner is unclear, as the revision compare page is a bit broken, and rüdiger didn't comment his changes.

The majority of this article is in fact an appendix containing a mammoth hex dump, but it is still by default the biggest changed document this week.


Most Revised Article Award   Article with the most revisions in a week


The Article to receive the most revisions is, as mentioned above, Windows Trust, Migration, AGUDLP & ADMT by i.biswajith

Although some of the text has been lifted from other sources, it is a nicely pulled together collection of info, and modernised piece of work, which i.biswajith is working hard to personalise, and well worth a look.


Smallest Significant Edit Award  Size isn't everything! Every edit counts.


Ignoring the addition of tags, this week's smallest but valuable contribution was to Ingresso Off-line para domino Windows Server 2012 created by Diogo Molina

Adriel Gavazza made a few small but valuable tweaks to a great article.


Quickest Helping Hand Correcting each-other's work is what TNWiki is all about. 


This week's fastest fiddle to another's work is not actually a fiddle, but I believe is just a comment...

Wiki: ???????? (ja-JP) written by yottun8 was apparently edited just 5 minutes after 'wiki legend' yottun8, but I am unable to find the actual edit that this other fella made.

I believe revision 8 may have just been to add a revision comment, possibly because they did not see the regular comments box at the bottom of the article?

Documents can have "comments" (without editing) and "revision comments" (edit notes summarising the edited changes).

Revision comments with no actual change are something we need to ignore in both the wiki stats and my crawler stats.


Congratulations as always, to all the wiki ninjas listed above.

Your work is always noticed and appreciated.  


Tune in next week for more of the same.

Hopefully see YOUR name in the awards!


Best regards,
Pete Laker