Wednesday - Wiki Life: The Importance of Longer, High-Quality Articles

This is piggybacking on Peter Geelen's hilariously sarcastic blog post from last week...

Wednesday - Wiki Life: 10 ways to become the most hated Wiki ninja on the planet


Today let's discuss the length and quality of articles.

It won't benefit you if your articles aren't long or high quality.

You might be tempted to write shorter articles because you can get more done. But there's no good benefit in doing that. All that does is pad your Wiki article stat in your profile.

Instead, it would be better to combine some of those smaller articles that are related and publish them as a far more detailed and useful article!

Or, it might be good also to go more in depth on the topic, explain it thoroughly, explain that context and the problems that lead up to your solution. Take some screenshots and build it out!


Also, if you've got a nice script, then you can put the script on TechNet or MSDN Gallery and link to it from the Wiki. The Wiki can break down the code and explain each piece. And then it can explain how the script fits into the larger solution!


If you've got a video, then go ahead and embed it on TechNet Wiki. BUT... you should add to it... explain the steps, write out the transcript, and compliment the video with resource links and references!


Short Articles Won't...

Here's what writing short articles won't do:

  1. It won't help with your community reputation. You'll become known for trying to build up your stats or get more views on your video, rather than being known for great content!
  2. It won't help on your road to MVP or a new job. I've seen people make MVP and get jobs for writing as few as three articles on the Wiki! Make everything you do amazing!

In short, there's no benefit for going for quick articles.


It's Worth It

It takes a little longer to write more detailed articles, but it's helpful to everyone and definitely worth it!

To see some shining examples of depth and quality, please check out our TechNet Guru gold medal winners (and often other winners and contributors). Here are our latest awards:

The Microsoft TechNet Guru Awards! (August 2014)


Special thanks go out to all the contributors who hold us to a higher standard and level of quality with your amazing articles! You impact the community every day, and we're grateful for your passion!

   - Ninja Ed