Which article should we feature on the home page of TechNet Wiki? ASP.NET, Hyper-V, Lync Server, SQL Server, or Windows Phone?

Today, you get a bonus blog post on the Tuesday topic of featuring articles. You're going to help us decide which article to feature on the home page of TechNet Wiki!

We've done this in the past, and we're at it again this week!

On the home page of TechNet Wiki, we feature four articles:


And, once again, you get to pick the next article! Just so you know, the basic process is we try to rotate in technologies that haven't been featured recently or at all. And that's how we come to these five articles (based on what's been nominated; you can add your own nominations in the Nominees section).

Simply reply with a comment and let me know which article you want featured. Everybody gets one vote.

Your deadline is 2PM PST, Friday, 4/5/13.


Here are your five candidates to choose from:

Getting Started: Windows Workflow Foundation and ASP.NET - by Horizon Net 

How to Increase the VHD Size in Hyper-V R2 - by Leandro

Lync Server Documentation Errors and Gaps - by Henrik

SQL Server Samples Readme - by Marianne

Windows Phone 7 Application With Federated Authentication - by Alik 

Which article do you think we should feature? Leave a comment! One vote per person.


Here's the TechNet Wiki tag of the previously featured Wiki articles. That's basically a list sorted by most recently edited. Or for lists sorted by technology or chronologically when it was featured, read the list at the bottom of the TechNet Wiki Featured Article Nominees article.

The options were pulled from the list of nominations. Do you want to nominate an article to get featured? Simply add it as a nominee in the Nominees section of the TechNet Wiki Featured Article Nominees article.


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