Wiki Governance: Back to normal business, focussing on your great content.

Hello valued Wiki Ninja community,


the last few months you must have noticed how we have been struggling to keep Wiki clean from spam campaigns.... and we already have been reporting about it earlier on, when the outbreak has been escalating the last few weeks:

And I need to thank a great club of spam fighters for their continued effort to get rid of this issue on TN Wiki:

Many of these warriors (including myself) have been at the top of the weekly ranking because of their heigh volume of spam tagging on the Wiki  articles.
On one side a bit of pitty that we had to spend so much time on fighting this battle, because that is precious time we lost to build community.

For that reason we reached out to the platform owner to find an more fundamental solution.
And the good news is: it's in place, since end of november you should have noticed that the spam rate has dropped to .. 0, zero, null...

We are extremely happy and very grateful that our cry for help was honored in such an effective way.

Still, at current time, we still need to clean up 450 pages of spam (more or less 6000 spam articles not deleted yet)...
But at least we are not fighting to keep up with the incoming spam anymore.

Thank you Wiki ninja team, your help was of a great value!

Big thxs to the platform support team that spend precious time to ban the spam account and to find a final fix for the spam.

We can focus on building high quality content again!

Keep posting you great community articles!

We need your focused support more than ever to prove that the Wiki (and community) is more relevant than ever!